Fat Doctor

Sunday 19th September 10.35pm

Documentary Series

Guy Poingdestre

Tonight we meet Guy Poingdestre, a 52 year-old bus driver whose weight has reached 32 stone. At the moment he can’t stop eating Kentucky Fried Chicken. He says he has a ‘psychological compulsion to overeat’. As a result of Guy’s weight, he also suffers from sleep apnoea, a condition that stops his breathing when he’s asleep. Guy has spent years trying to diet – and has sometimes been successful. He achieved a Weight Watchers plaque when he was 37, for losing 8st – and managing to get down to 13st. But success with diets has always been short-lived. Will the operation save him?

Sunday 12th September 10.35pm        

Documentary Series

Daniel Simmons

Daniel Simmons is 31 years old and at 40 stone, he is super morbidly obese. Daniel lives with his mother in an upper story flat. It takes him at least 20 minutes to get down the stairs. His case is so extreme that he hasn’t been out of the house socially in 12 years. He only leaves home for hospital appointments. Daniel has already suffered three heart failures and has been told that unless he has the operation he has only two years to live. Equally he’s been warned that his health is so poor that he might not survive the operation. And for Daniel it is major surgery. Not only is he going to have his stomach stapled and part of his intestine by-passed, but the surgeon is also going to remove seven stone of fat from Daniel’s stomach in a very rare procedure. This moving episode follows Daniel in the months leading up to surgery, and following. But will he even survive it?

Sunday 5th September 10.55pm          

Documentary Series

Craig Curtis is super morbidly obese – he is 40 stone and still gaining weight. In a bad day Craig can get through 25 packets of crisps and two loaves of bread. Craig, from Gravesend is married with three children under four years old. His wife has to do everything for both Craig and the children. Craig feels he is incapable of being a good father or husband to his family – he hasn’t left the house in over a year, he is unable to go to the toilet on his own and needs constant care. In tonight’s episode, we also revisit 23-year-old Rachel Barrass who weighed in at 26 stone. Three months after her successful gastric bypass surgery, Rachel fell pregnant. As a result of her surgery Rachel has actually lost weight during her pregnancy rather than gaining it – she has lost 10 stone!

Sunday 22nd August 10.35pm

Documentary Series  

Joy Vaughan

At 27 years old and 30 stone, Joy Vaughan is morbidly obese. Despite numerous repeated attempts Joy just cannot lose weight. She works long irregular hours and often eats the wrong kinds of food. Her bad relationship with food stems from the loss of her grandfather when she was 12 years old. She took his death very badly and began comfort eating. Can surgery offer her the life she so desperately wants? In tonight’s episode we also revisit former lorry driver, Jeff O’Shea who has lost 17 stone in one year since his gastric bypass operation. He has a wife and a young family who have all benefited massively from Jeff’s weight loss. We see the physical, psychological and emotional benefits the whole family has experienced as a result of the surgery.

Sunday 15th August 11.00pm                    

Documentary Series    

Sacha Whitehead is 32-years-old and weighs over 30 stone. She is super morbidly obese and addicted to food. Sacha lives with her nine-year old son, Lewis, who is also overweight. Her weight is ruining her life – she is so ashamed of her size, she refuses to get out of the car when she picks up Lewis from school fearing he will get bullied as a result. Her decision to undergo surgery was prompted by the realisation that she would only survive a maximum of five years without any surgery. She is petrified of dying on the operating table and leaving her son alone. Will she be able to lose the weight, reclaim her health and get back the normal life (not ruled by food) she so wants for her and her son?

Carol Flynn weighs 27 stone and her health is deteriorating rapidly. Her family fear that she is dying before their eyes but are anxious about her resorting to surgery. However, Carol believes it is the only option for her and is eagerly awaiting her consultation with Shaw Somers.

Twenty-eight-year-old Kathleen Brown is desperate for weight loss surgery. At 21 stone she’s tried every diet under the sun but nothing works for her. She’s desperate to have a gastric band fitted round her stomach to help her lose weight, but she can’t get NHS funding for the operation. As a last desperate measure Kathleen’s mum is turning the basement of the family house into a flat and selling it, in a bid to raise the £7,000 needed to pay for a private op. But will the band be as successful as Kathleen hopes?

And we meet Jeff O’Shea – he’s so thrilled with the gastric bypass surgery that’s helped him shed 15 stone, he’s had the date of the operation tattooed on his arm as it’s the day he believes he was reborn.

Documentary Series

Amanda Beere weighs an astonishing 40 stone. After successfully losing weight 2 years ago, Amanda has since then gained a shocking 26 stone. She’s been told that unless she loses weight soon, she’ll be dead within the next 5 years. At just 41 years old, she has no life… and no future. She can’t walk and she can’t even fit in a car.

We follow Amanda’s journey to have life saving surgery. Will her body be strong enough to withstand an operation that will transform not only her life but the lives of her family?

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Dr Shaw Somers is the Fat Doctor, the bariatric surgeon who battles to help Britain’s morbidly obese lose weight.
Every day he shrinks people in an effort to change and then save their lives. With graphic scenes of gastric bypass surgery, FAT DOCTOR follows the operations of Britain’s biggest, as they go under Shaw’s knife in a last desperate effort to shed the pounds.