Fat Doctors

Documentary Series

At a whopping 35 stone, Martin Gibbs is super morbidly obese and so too is his 32 stone sister, Daniella.

But Daniella has just had gastric bypass surgery – and already the results are staggering. Will Martin keep it in the family by also going under the knife to lose weight?

Fiona Solman’s life has been transformed by her 13 stone weight loss. She reveals her new slim figure and how it has helped her confidence in her new vocation as a vicar.

Documentary Series

Rachel Barrass is only 23 years old and already weighs over 25st. She has endured a lifetime of abuse and bullying because of her size – but despite her desperate efforts, she can’t lose weight. Can an operation help give her the figure she dreams of?

Thirty-four-year-old Ana Pita visits Shaw Somers’ clinic for her pre-operative assessment. But Shaw is alarmed when he sees how much weight Ana has put on since her last appointment and he has some shocking news for her.

THURSDAY 9th April

In this fascinating British documentary series, we follow the stories of several people whose only option to loose weight is to undergo gastric bypass surgery.

Gary Buckingham is turning to gastric bypass surgery as a last resort, he’s tried and failed to lose weight and at 26 stone, his health is starting to suffer. His biggest fear is that he won’t live to see his children grow up.

But will Gary go ahead with surgery when he’s told on the morning of his operation that he has a 1 in 10 chance of not pulling through? 

We also meet a man whose life was saved by gastric bypass surgery – at 46 stone, Ricky Carter was so incapacitated by his size, that he had to carry his 8 stone stomach on a trolley.