Fat Family Diet

LIVING CHANNEL – Thursdays from 23 June, 4pm

Straight-talking fat loss expert Steve Miller moves into the homes of some of Britain’s fattest families and uses a range of shock tactics to help them lose weight before it’s too late. After teaching them good habits, Steve has a trick up his sleeve to find out if the families have changed their ways for good by using secret filming to see exactly what the families are getting up to when they think no one is watching. If any of the families have fallen off the weight-loss wagon, Steve is ready to get them back on again, putting them through their paces to banish their wobbly bits forever. Expect even more drama the second time around; from tempers and tantrums, to the touching renewal of wedding vows, not to mention a host of hilarious and fun activities including assault courses, mountain biking and horse riding, all designed to keep these families on track to a fitter and fuller life.