FBI Critical Incident

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Fridays from 16 October, 8.30pm

When violent crises or criminals strike, local law enforcement responds. But sometimes, these dedicated investigators need help. That’s when they call in the specialists, the CIRG: Crisis Negotiations Unit. Each hours of this show will be a visually and factually rich recounting of a complex CIRG case, successfully resolved. This program will focus on the local law enforcement operatives who worked each case from start to finish, and will show how CIRG specialists are called upon when there is no other outlet to crack the case or resolve the violent situation.
EP1 – LOUISIANA PRISON RIOTS: Six long days, multiple hostages, six Cuban detainees, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation all converge at the St. Martinville Prison in Louisiana for a stand off that would catch the eyes of the world. It all starts off when several prisoners get out of lock up and barge into the Warden’s office, taking him and several of his deputies’ hostages. They know what they are doing and what they want and immediately call the FBI to tell them their demands. Within hours the prison is surrounded by agents and police, including the head of the New Orleans FBI, Charles Mathews and his chief negotiator Neil Purtrell. The scene is set for a long showdown between law enforcement, the frustrated hostage takers who just want to go back to their native Cuba and the innocent hostages they are holding as leverage. TLC takes you there, from the detailed retelling of the teamwork between New Orleans Sheriff Fuselier and the FBI agents to the news reporter that covered the whole crisis. The stand-off hits a climax when one of the prisoners, Roberto Villar’s mother comes in to help with negotiations. Watch and see the drama unfold.