Fear Factor

7:30pm Saturday, August 18 on TV2

Would you swallow your pride for $50,000? Get ready for the shocking episode that was banned around the world in the brand new season of Fear Factor.

Tonight, teams of family members must ride on the grill of a speeding concrete truck, eat scorpions, and hang from a helicopter as it flies over a fiery explosion.

And later in the banned episode, teams of twins must take part in the most challenging and shocking task of all: drink glasses full of donkey semen and urine in order to get through to the next stage.

This season, host Joe Rogan presents bigger and more outrageous new stunts designed to terrify and test four teams of two, who are competing against each another.

Recruited from across the country, the teams will consist of anyone from spouses, family members to co-workers and friends.

Contestants must decide if they have the determination to face their most primal fears, as they are presented with a series of challenges that include the notorious big physical stunts that will test the limits of the contestants’ physical endurance and the ever-popular gross stunts that will test their own – as well as the viewers’ stomachs and mental resolve.

If contestants complete their task, they advance. If fear stops them from completing a stunt or they fail the mission, they are immediately eliminated.

Let the games begin!

Tyler and Jackson returning to Idol

Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson have confirmed they will return to American Idol as judges again next season. There is no word yet on Jennifer Lopez.

Rogan in for Fear Factor revival

Joe Rogan has been confirmed to return as the host of the rebooted Fear Factor reality series. The series will return for an eight-episode run and is said to embrace technology in a way that the original series couldn’t.

Patel joins new Sorkin series

Slumdog Millionaire actor Dev Patel has landed a role on Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO series entitled More As the Story Develops that centres on a bunch of people working in a broadcast newsroom. Jeff Daniels, Olivia Munn and Emily Mortimer are also on board.

New Rob Dyrdek series coming to MTV

Rob Dyrdek of Rob & Big and Fantasy Factory is launching an all-new MTV series entitled Ridiculousness that will focus on amateur viral videos in a similar fashion as Comedy Central’s Tosh.0. Drydek will comment on clips in a range of segments such as ‘Redneck Good Times’ ‘Hot Mess’ and Worst Case Scenario’.

Modern Family leads Critics’ Choice nominations

Modern Family leads the nominations for the upcoming Critics’ Choice television Awards with a total of six nominations. Mad Men has picked up five nominations with Boardwalk Empire, The Good Wife and Justified each receiving four nods.

Joe Rogan wanted as Fear Factor host

American network NBC is looking to reinstate Joe Rogan as the host of the new Fear Factor series. The network announced last week that they would be re-launching the reality series five years after it was last seen.

Sheen’s character will not be killed off

Reports are suggesting that Charlie Sheen’s Two and a Half Men character will not be killed off to make way for Ashton Kutcher but instead will relocate to Paris. Producers will reportedly use Sheen’s final scenes as Charlie Harper to explain his absence from the sitcom.

Scherzinger officially replacing Cole

Nicole Scherzinger has been officially confirmed as the new judge on the American version of The X Factor, replacing Cheryl Cole. The judging panel will now comprise of Scherzinger, Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid and Paula Abdul.

Parsons to guest on iCarly

The Big Bang Theory actor Jim Parsons will make a guest appearance on Nickelodeon series iCarly. The actor, who plays Sheldon Cooper on the sitcom, will take on the role of a psychiatric patient on the teen series.

Lynch confirmed to host Emmys

Jane Lynch has been confirmed as the host of the 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards this year. The Glee actress will host the ceremony scheduled to take place in Los Angeles on September 18.

Fear Factor to be revived

NBC has announced plans to revive reality series Fear Factor after it came to a close in 2006. NBC’s head of alternative programming Pail Telegdy said: “The stunt and camera technologies have evolved since then; we’re going to be able to make it even bigger. We’re going to make it more visually arresting.”

Rossdale to guest on Burn Notice

Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale has been confirmed to appear in an upcoming episode of Burn Notice. Rossdale has acted previously in the likes of Constantine and Criminal Minds.

Coogan in talks for Alan Partridge series

Steve Coogan is reportedly in talks to reprise his role as Alan Partridge in a new BBC series. The BBC has confirmed that they are interested in the project but that it is at a “very early stage”.

Handler may not renew contract

E! presenter Chelsea Handler has said that she may not renew her contract for Chelsea Lately when it expires in 2012. Handler says she wants to do something that will “utilize my brain a little more than this show”.

The BOX – Saturday 22 January, 9.30pm

Every season of Fear Factor boasts some high-octane, extended-length specials that up the ante on featured challenges. The BOX brings viewers some of the best, every Saturday night during January.

The BOX – Saturday 8 January, 9.30pm

Every season of Fear Factor boasts some high-octane, extended-length specials that up the ante on featured challenges. The BOX brings viewers some of the best, every Saturday night during January.

The BOX – Saturday 11 December, 9.30pm

In this feature-length episode, four sets of twins are brought from all over the United States for one reason… to stare fear in the eye as they compete for US$50,000! They have to complete four extreme stunts, including hanging upside-down from a helicopter; and tearing chunks of meat off of a cow jaw, using only their mouths!

The BOX – Saturday 4 December, 9.30pm

Don’t let the crown and sash fool you, these beauty queens are ready to go to battle! With their sights set on the cash, the pressure is on as they compete not only for themselves, but for their chosen charity, who will receive half of the winner’s prize money.

The BOX – Friday 29 October, 9.30pm

The BOX is celebrating Halloween this year with Fear Factors most electrifying and grossest special of the year!

Contestants will have to run across a metal balance beam as an overhead generator zapped them with two-million volts of electricity, eat Fear Factor witch’s brew (consisting of dead tarantulas, scorpions, and bug guts) and be covered in corn syrup and strapped into a Plexiglas tumbler full of flies, super worms, red worms and crickets.

Who will be able to hold down their lunch long enough to win the $50,000?

the BOX – Tuesday 1 June, 7.30pm

Witness a very special episode of Fear Factor, as the contestants� stamina is tested with an extra stunt to be endured.

Not only do these competitors have to work even harder for the chance to win $50,000, but they have to suffer possibly one of the grossest challenges in Fear Factor history!

Rivals are forced to sit in a glass coffin and be covered with cow intestines, then bite the intestines open, suck out the intestinal fluid, and spit it into a glass.

As if crawling around on a cargo net on the underside of a helicopter, leaping back and forth between two platforms over 250 feet in the air or driving a mini motorcycle across a beam 100 feet in the air, wasn�t enough!