Fear, Stress And Anger
Friday 17 August, 9.35pm

Work hard, look after your family and the rewards come flooding in, right? For Martin and Julie Chadwick, the cheque is still in the post … Peter Davison (‘All Creatures Great And Small’) and Pippa Haywood (‘Green Wing’) star in a new comedy series exploring what happens when you are past your sell-by date and are being shunted aside by the next generation (tonight at 9.35pm on TV ONE).

Martin Chadwick and his wife Julie were part of the ’60s generation – the baby boomers who have had it all and spent it all, secure in the knowledge that they ruled the world. Growing old was something that happened to other people and, by the time they got there, science would have invented a cure. The trouble is, science hasn’t – and now Martin and Julie are discovering what it is like to have to a younger generation snapping at their heels.
Still very much in love, Martin Chadwick and his wife Julie are panicking as the wheels come off their lives. Martin is made redundant, Julie’s civil service career stagnates, their two daughters won’t leave home and Martin’s senile mother is costing them a fortune in a nursing home. They try drugs, therapy and new jobs, but Martin’s unerring ability to screw up absolutely everything, combined with Julie’s rampant neuroses, just adds to their ongoing problems.

Peter Davison describes the series as being about “the fear, stress and anger of reaching a certain age and losing your job … your daughters stripping you of any cash you have, your career going up the spout, your libido diminishing – but it’s a very jolly show!”

Davison applauds the writers who work on the show: “The writing is spot-on and very funny. There’s one very clever speech which rings so true – about how when your parents die there’s no-one between you and death. The safety net has gone. It struck a real chord for me!”

Pippa Haywood is particularly well-known for her comedy performances. She laughs, “The lovely thing is that I always seem to be offered parts of people who are slightly demented in one way or another – either sobbing and distraught, or mad and distraught. My character Joanna in ‘Green Wing’ was so unlike me, but I really identify with Julie.

“She’s got all those stresses and strains and she’s also worrying about the aging process, especially as she has these two stunningly beautiful daughters in the house, which just rubs it in really. But Julie and Martin are battling through it all together. They have the odd set-to and she gets extremely frustrated with him at times and even beats him with a leek at one point, but you understand that there is a fundamentally strong relationship underneath it all.”

Watch the new comedy series, ‘Fear, Stress and Anger’, tonight at 9.35pm on TV ONE.