Fearless Music

ARTS CHANNEL – Fridays from 8 October, 10.15pm & Sundays at 8.00pm

The Fearless Music website receives over 1 million hits a day. http://www.fearlessmusic.com/

Fearless Music TV is the purveyor and conveyor of the most cutting edge acts in the modern rock movement. Airing in the number one U.S. market (New York) Fearless Music TV tapes live performances of both local and international bands in their NYC studios. In search of credible forums, musicians choose to perform in the show because it reproduces their true sound and look. A recent New York Post article said, “With no pop star pretensions, this program is the most cutting edge music showcase out there.” The purpose of the show is to maintain a multinational appeal by featuring bands from Ireland to New Zealand and reaching cross-cultural generations with acts like Radio Mundial (Palm Pictures) and World Inferno Friendship Society.

Jamie Lamm of Fearless Music, isn’t surprised that the mainstream is finally catching up, “We booked bands like Ambulance LTD (TVT Records), The Fever, The Panthers (Atlantic Records), Moving Units (Palm Pictures), Johnathan Rice (Warner Bros. Records) and The Datsuns when other outlets hadn’t even heard of these bands. The program is racing forward and continuing strong with more progressive Fearless Music.

Artists featured include: The Explosion (Virgin Records), The Twenty Twos (Epic Records), Elkland (Columbia Records), Sarah Blasko (Universal Records), The Star Spangles (Capitol Records), VUE (RCA Records), Midtown (Columbia Records), Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Golden Republic (Astralwerks Records), Riddlin Kids (Columbia Records), Kasabian (RCA Records), Metric, Lucy Woodward (Atlantic Records), The Damnwells (Epic Records), Robber on High St (New Line Records) and many more. From local underground to international reputation Fearless Music TV delivers music performances in the truest form, live on stage. This series delivers music from around the world to your doorstep on whatever continent you reside. Have the inside edge – Fearless Music TV!