Fearless Planet

Discovery Channel – Mondays from 21 April, 8.30pm

Viewers are eyewitnesses to the forces of nature that form, mould and destroy some of the most wondrous places on earth. The wonders are the Great Barrier Reef, Grand Canyon, Angel Falls, the Sahara Desert, Hawaii and Alaska. With some of the world’s leading explorers, Discovery Channel scientists and archaeological experts fly, climb, dive and plunge into awesome and dangerous locations for an intimate look. They are people who live and breathe these monumental works of nature and whose passion is our passport to the history written in the rock. As the scientists map the evolution of these wonders, science-powered computer generated imagery will frame the past, present and future of each location and through this, viewers discover that while some wonders are destined to remain for eternity, others will not survive the elements. Audiences will see the mighty Sahara emerge from an ancient ocean, Hawaii as it gains another island and the Great Barrier Reef as it disappears. FEARLESS PLANET is a revelation of how time and nature continue to conspire to create awesome spectacle.