Feasting on Asphalt

FOOD TELEVISION – Sundays from 1 February, 9.30pm

The feast continues with a new series of Feasting on Asphalt. The adventurous Alton Brown has set sail on the high seas in search of America’s culinary roots, and now he’s back on the open road for another cross country venture. This journey begins in Mississippi, and traces America’s first super highway from the Gulf of Mexico to its Minnesota birthplace. Deep fried and sauced in secrecy, Mississippi serves the renegade band of motorcyclists its best authentic road food. Then it’s off to Memphis for a menu of smoked ribs, cherry shakes and chitlins. The colossal consumption continues with pies, fried chicken livers, Luxembourgian noodles, and even a royal smorgasbord! Searching for Americas culinary roots has never been more fun, and there’s plenty more surprises to come with Alton Brown as your guide. A new tattoo and a scary Viking make an appearance, catering to more then just the food seeker, but also the thrill seeker! Serving all the fun and facts of Good Eats, but with a generous helping of adventure, Feasting On Asphalt is one road trip you won’t want to miss.