Feasting on Waves


Comedic chef Alton Brown sets out on a voyage of food and fun in search of America’s culinary roots and Caribbean flavours in his new show Feasting on Waves. Tasting his way island to island, Alton demonstrates how this melting pot of English, French, Dutch and Spanish gave diversity to the culinary traditions we take for granted. Following on from the popular series, Feasting on Asphalt, Alton seeks out the most authentic and traditional foods of each region he visits, sampling from fine restaurants, roadside stands, street vendors and farmers markets. Our glorious Caribbean exploration begins on St. Kitts with a history lesson on the sweet stuff and some local Kittitian fare. After a couple of days of discovery on terra firma, we then set sail on the “high” seas for some unplanned adventures. Travelling North to West through the Leeward Islands and onto the British Virgin Islands, Alton makes sure no stone is unturned in his quest to discover the true roots of American cuisine I the Food Networks humorous new series.