Feathers of Peace

New Zealand Television Premiere: I, Videogame
Discovery Channel – From Saturday 3 March, 9.30pm

A comprehensive, pixel-by-pixel exploration of videogames and entertainment systems from the early 70s, into the future. From Pong to Playstation 3, this five-part series covers evolution to revolution; playtime to primetime. This is an amazing business that’s changing how entertainment is created, produced, marketed and distributed.

New Zealand Television Premiere: The World’s Toughest Tribes
Discovery Channel – From Sunday 4 March, 7.30pm

This program explores the unique modern tribes of men that have been created by our industrialised world. Spanning the globe, our presenter experiences everything from the searing heat and dust of gold miners living and working in the largest mine in Australia, to the darkness of the tunnels well beneath Manhattan’s glittering skyline.

New Zealand Television New Series:Untold Stories Of The E.R
Discovery Channel – From Monday 5 March, 7.30pm

Real doctors recount in a face-to-face, confessional style the heart-pounding cases that changed their lives. Hundreds of true Emergency Room. cases are examined to find the most amazing, bizarre, humorous and emotionally fraught stories about life and death in the E.R. They expose the true dramatic nature of medicine practised under pressure, where every moment can be a turning point and every life can hang on a decision made by a determined, yet vulnerable, doctor.

New Zealand Documentary Showcase: The Feathers Of Peace
Documentary Channel – From Tuesday 6 March, 9pm

New Zealand Documentaries take centre stage on the Documentary Channel in a new weekly homegrown showcase slot which draws on a network of contacts from the NZ television industry and a selection of titles from the New Zealand Film Commission. A broad range of topics are scheduled, from human interest, society, health issues – all from a uniquely New Zealand perspective and featuring top directors like Nikki Caro, Barry Barclay and Peter Jackson. Launching the strand will be the critically acclaimed Barry Barclay film The Feathers of Peace. This remarkable film festival docu-drama traces the true story of Moriori people of the Chatham Island who were decimated by the arrival of Maori invaders.