Feel The Fear

Find out what UK celebrities Holly Willoughby and Steve Wilson’s nightmares are made of as they’re forced to experience what scares them most! Feel the Fear plays weekdays at 5:30pm on TVNZ Family on TVNZ 6.

Feel The Fear reveals the hosts’ ‘caught on camera’ behaviour as they take turns to face their particular phobias. Each show opens with a phone call from the challenging presenter, who reveals the fear that they’re challenging the other host to face.

Will it be sharks, spiders, rats – or maybe heights, rollercoasters or flying? Holly and Steve will have their heart rates monitored to gauge the extent of their fear. The show is packed full of facts about how fear works and where phobias come from, revealing insights about the presenters from their friends and family and their own video diary footage.

Feel the Fear is not a battle of physical prowess, but a consideration of mind over matter and the determination required to conquer fear. Holly Willoughby vs Steve Wilson – who’s the bravest?

Weekdays at 5:30pm on TVNZ 6