Female Correctional Officers

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Thursday 19 January, 8.30pm

With a high mortality rate, being a prison guard is a difficult and dangerous career for anyone – but for female officers it’s especially demanding. At Dallas County Jail, around half the prison guards are women who face daily harassment and violence as they fight to maintain control of the seventh largest prison in the United States.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Thursday 12 January, 8.30pm

Close to capacity, the jails of Dallas County are teeming with inmates always looking for ways to outsmart the female prison guards tasked with guarding them. A veteran officer locked in with 64 male inmates, unprotected by bars or doors, must keep her wits about her in order to stay safe.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Thursday 5 January, 8.30pm

In South Florida’s Pretrial Detention Centre, where the majority of prison guards are women, violence can break out at any time. Meet a new recruit as she begins her career, a veteran officer trying to curb sexual harassment by inmates against female officers and a younger officer scrambling to secure her floor after a stabbing.