Ferocious Mr Fix-It

In companies around Britain there are office monsters making people’s lives a misery; an incredible one in three people have considered resigning because their lives have been made hell by a monstrous colleague.

Glaswegian tough-guy Alasdair Jeffrey is on a mission to sort out Britain’s nightmare workers, flushing out the office trouble-makers who are stopping others from getting the job done.

Thursday 30 November, 9.30pm, TV One

Alasdair’s approach is unconventional – he installs secret cameras to reveal exactly what’s going on, then he shows the video evidence of bad behaviour to the misbehaving staff, and then the boss. Only when they face up to their bad behaviour can Alasdair start to fix it. And his fixes are unconventional too, he’s not above handcuffing an office bully to their rival.

After 10 years successfully working the corporate consultancy circuit, The Ferocious Mr Fixit is Alasdair Jeffrey’s first television project and what happens on screen is a variation on how he has operated as a consultant to a range of companies.

“I’ve always gone undercover to find out the real story before I started working inside a company,” he says. “If you declare yourself right away then all you get is resistance and bullshit.”

Jeffrey thinks it is about time that business programmes addressed ordinary workers’ problems. “So many programmes look at the top of the business world, but most of us are never going to be billionaire entrepreneurs,” he says. “People need to know they are not alone in having to work with people that can’t be arsed or with bosses who bully.”