FIFA World Cup

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fifa-world-up-champions-2014It’s certainly not as popular as the America’s Cup but the Grand Final of the FIFA World Cup rated pretty well.

Germany has won the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, and the tournament has also given TVNZ a huge win with football fans. Integrated coverage on TV ONE and Ondemand provided viewers with the biggest games of the tournament live and free-to-air.

All 22 of TVNZ’s games screened on TV ONE and TVNZ Ondemand simultaneously, with viewers able to watch live or catch-up later on any device. There was also a daily highlights show, which provided the opportunity to see the best moments from the games that weren’t screening in full. Continue reading »

The Wall Street Journal have produced World Cup Flopping Rankings based on how many times and how long each country have been seen rolling around in agony on the football field.


Piracy has been a problem for content creators since forever but over time, business models have been forced to change. It is simply a case of evolve, or die. The music industry suffered immensely from the likes of Napster in the early 2000’s but finally learned to embrace the digital era with the creation of services like Spotify. For TV and movies we now have services like Quickflix, iTunes, Amazon, Hulu and Netflix.

People seem happy to pay a reasonable fee for the content they want. And if they can’t, they choose to access it via alternative means, usually free. This results in the potential conditioning of consumers who, even when prices and services improve, remain content with their existing arrangements.

Consumers will always seek out a better deal if there is one. In the case of New Zealand, we are limited by TV networks who delay scheduling and charge what they like due to the lack of competition in the subscription TV space. Consumers, for years, have protested. Initially, many were downloading the content they want via bit torrent, file lockers or Usenet. Many still are. But there are a growing number of people who are using legitimate international services to access the content they want at a fraction of the cost of what they would pay locally.

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skytv_logoThe FIFA World Cup began this morning and like practically every other sporting event, Sky has the monopoly on it.  Sport is possibly the most compelling reason why anyone would become a Sky subscriber and while a lot of content can be sourced from elsewhere, it is sport that gifts Sky its dominant position.  That is, up until now.

Last week it was reported that there are possibly 30,000 subscribers in New Zealand to the US streaming service Netflix.  While many are happy to pay money to access scripted content from foreign streaming services, there is a belief that the only option for viewing sport is through Sky.  The reality is that just like Netflix, much of the sport content New Zealanders love to watch is also available via reputable and legitimate sources and the method to gain access is identical.

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Despite earlier reports that Jennifer Lopez wouldn’t be performing at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the Latin pop star, business woman and American Idol judge will take to the stage for the opening ceremony to perform the tournament’s official song We Are One (ole Ola) with Pitbull.


The 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off on Friday 13 June, and on board to host TVNZ’s free-to-air LIVE coverage is one of New Zealand’s leading sports broadcasters, Martin Devlin.

More than 3 million people tuned in to TV ONE for the World Cup in 2010 and Jeff Latch, TVNZ’s Head of Television credits Devlin for playing a part in that success. “Martin’s passion for the game was infectious and viewers loved the enthusiasm and humour he brought to our coverage.” Continue reading »

SKY Sport is proud to bring you LIVE coverage of the action from the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany.  

New Zealand face off against Japan, England and Mexico in the following pool games before the finals in July.   

Japan V New Zealand                                         Tuesday 28th June, 12.45am, SKY Sport 1

New Zealand V England                                      Saturday 2nd July, 4.00am, SKY Sport 2

New Zealand V Mexico                                       Wednesday 6th July, 4.00am, SKY Sport 3

Semifinal 1 (Teams TBA)                                    Thursday 14th July, 3.45am, SKY Sport 3

Semifinal 2 (Teams TBA)                                    Thursday 14th July, 6.30am, SKY Sport 3

Grand Final (Teams TBA)                                   Monday 18th July, 6.30am, SKY Sport 3

Football has scored its largest NZ television audience ever.

Analysis of the FIFA World Cup television ratings show that more than 3 million people or 76% of the population aged over 5 years tuned in to TV ONE to watch the football during the month long tournament.

“It was always going to be great football and terrific television but this FIFA World Cup became one of those rare and very special events that captured the heart and imagination of the whole country”, says Head of TV ONE and TV 2, Jeff Latch.

Most New Zealanders – almost 4 in 5 – watched Martin Devlin’s lively coverage from TV ONE’s purpose built FIFA studio.  “Martin’s passion for the game was infectious and viewers loved the enthusiasm and humour he brought to our coverage.

“The ONE SPORT studio presentation from Auckland coupled with High Definition pictures and compelling Host Broadcast coverage from South Africa all combined to make TV ONE the FIFA World Cup channel of choice”

“We believe this World Cup has drawn the largest TV audience to football in NZ’s history – the first live soccer game was televised in 1974.

TV ONE has always had the power and penetration to be able to draw everyone together for a moment in time.  The collective experience where we all watch and hope alongside millions of other kiwis adds a dynamic to events like these that can only be described as the ‘true magic of television’.

‘The All Whites games were phenomenally popular – over 590,000 tuned in for the first game against Slovakia around midnight.  354,000 tuned in at 2am for the Italy game and over 400,000 of us got up in the dead of the night to watch the nil-all draw with Paraguay.

Interest didn’t wane once the All Whites were out of the tournament, over half a million turned on TV ONE for the semi finals and a staggering 740,000 people tuned in to watch the FIFA World Cup Final.

The enormous interest in football was reflected across all TVNZ platforms – over 55,000 live streams were watched on as the live matches were simulcast on TV ONE or the non-commercial, TVNZ 7.

68,000 matches were watched ondemand and almost 70,000 edited highlights and clips have been watched on since the Opening Ceremony.

The success of the FIFA World Cup ultimately reinforces TVNZ’s unique place in broadcasting.  When it comes to the really big events, New Zealanders trust and turn to TV ONE.  So bring on the biggest one of all, the 2011 Rugby World Cup!


CSI: NY loses key cast member

CSI: NY will lose a series regular next season with news Melina Kanakaredes is exiting the crime procedural. The actress, who plays Stella Bonasera, will vacate the show in which she has starred in since 2004 with possible replacements being lined up for the seventh season.

Huge World Cup final audiences

A staggering 91% of TV audiences in Spain and The Netherlands watched their teams battle it out in the FIFA World Cup final yesterday morning in which Spain prevailed 1-0. Meanwhile, early estimates are suggesting the worldwide audience topped 700 million viewers.

Doctor Who for Taggart?

Producers of largely-forgotten police drama Taggart are chasing ex-Doctor Who star David Tennant for a role on the show. The Scottish crime series are desperate for the actor to appear despite turning him down six times prior to his success on Doctor Who.

Lost DVD details

Details have been revealed regarding the Lost final season DVD box-set which is due for release later this year. The DVD will feature the much-hyped bonus scene featuring Hurley (Jorge Garcia) and Ben (Michael Emerson) as part of around 30 hours of bonus material.

Gambon joins Doctor Who special

Celebrated British actor Sir Michael Gambon has signed on to appear in the Doctor Who Christmas special at the end of the year. Big name guest stars are no stranger to Doctor Who specials with the likes of Kylie Minogue and David Morrissey featuring in previous years.

Joan Cusack guests on Law & Order: SVU

Actress Joan Cusack will make a guest appearance on an upcoming episode of law & Order: SVU after signing on to play the mother of a girl who disappears. The Oscar-nominated actress will feature alongside former Lost actor Henry Ian Cusick.