Fight Quest

Wednesdays from 18 March, 8.30pm on DISCOVERY CHANNEL

New Zealand Premiere!

Jimmy Smith and Doug Anderson return to explore the world of fighting visiting Hong Kong, Thailand and India in search of unique fighting styles. They travel the globe to investigate different schools of hand-to-hand combat. Jimmy and Doug immerse themselves in each culture and train in their traditional martial art in preparation for a face-off against a local fighter. They enthusiastically embrace the teachings of their masters and the traditional rituals of the cultures, while struggling to learn a fighting style that they will have to put into action after just five days of training. Come along for their visceral, dangerous, sometimes graphic journey through the world’s most violent fight forms.

Discovery Channel – Tuesdays from 17 June, 9.30pm

Some guys like to fight. The rest of us like to watch. Call it ‘Going Tribal’ meets ‘Fight Club’, a blend of cultural immersion and good old fashion smackdown. The hosts, Jimmy Smith and Doug Anderson, both studious fighters with serious attitudes, smack, kick and maim their way around the world. In each location, they learn how the locals take each other out, sometimes using an ancient art of combat and other times, brutal street fighting. Every week, viewers see a variety of fight types from kick boxing to karate. Each episode culminates with one of the hosts facing off against a local in no-holds-barred combat. In the end only the best will win, and it’s not always the host. Every fighting style reflects a history and culture often unseen by the outside world. From weapons to languages, sensei to flying knees and double leg takedowns to bull rushes, each episode lets viewers live vicariously through our hosts as they pummel their way around the world.