Film and Television Awards

Two years ago, and I’m sure Regan remembers this, I pitched the idea of a TV Hall of Fame to the organizers of the Film & TV Awards, as well as various sites such as Throng and NZ on Screen, and it was welcomed with encouragement.

Come some two years later and I am still hopeful that it will come about but it saddens me to say that the chances of this actually happening are now non existent and that I must put this dream on the back burner permanently.

For me it has been something that I wanted NZ TV to have because of my love of the industry and one that I want to work in (and still do) and also because I wanted to be involved in this as well, something that wasn’t indicated at the time but is now.

If this idea from two years ago can somehow be resurrected I would greatly love to be a part of it and that is why I am posting this today.

But as of this moment it is, in all honesty, over.

The Screen Directors Guild (SDGNZ) is concerned that there is misinformation regarding the Film and Television Awards.

In 2005, as a service to the screen industry, the SDGNZ decided to run the film and television awards after several years of no awards event.

“The Guild took up this initiative as we felt it was important to recognise talented film and television makers by ensuring both were acknowledged in Awards ceremonies.” says Executive Director of SDGNZ Anna Cahill. Continue reading »