Final Chance To Save

LIVING CHANNEL – Saturdays from 1 December, 7.30pm

Join the best of British celebrities – Griff Rhys Jones, Vic Reeves, Joanna Lumley, Bill Bailey, Joe Simpson, Sanjeev Bhaskar and Miranda Richardson as they travel to exotic locations to address the plight of some of the world’s most endangered species. The celebrities take a journey to find new ways of working with the people and the environments they live in, and look for solutions that will ensure the animals survival.

DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL – Saturday 26 December, 9.30pm

Filmed across the spectacular backdrop of Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados and Suriname, Charlotte investigates the impact that commercial fishing, destruction of nesting grounds, poaching for meat, shells and eggs and pollution are having on the seven species of sea turtles that still swim our oceans. She helps in a research project on the most beautiful of all, the hawksbill, who has nearly been hunted to extinction due to their magnificent shell being crafted into items of great beauty. And then on to see the leatherback, the largest and most nomadic, to witness the laying and hatching of some eggs. In order to ensure these hatchlings have a future two adults are fitted with satellite transmitters by WWF so that we can find out where they roam, and offer them the protection they so desperately need.

DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL – Saturdays from 12 December, 9.30pm

A fascinating documentary series that highlights the potential extinction of some of the world’s most famous species. The series follows a team of experts assisted by a well known personality including Joanna Lumley, Griff Rhys Jones, Vic Reeves and Charlotte Uhlenbroek. Each episode will highlight the plight of the world’s most endangered animals including the tigers of India, Aye-Ayes and Gorillas. Each of the celebrity presenters will draw on the expertise of local teams campaigning to save the endangered species and work with conservationists to develop and implement strategies to help in their fight for survival. Brought up in Malaysia, actress Joanna Lumley fulfulls a lifelong dream to meet the ‘man of the forest’.

“A lifelong passion of mine was to meet the ‘man of the forest (what orangutan means in Malay). I always had a passionate belief that the Yeti, the abominable snowman, had something to do with the orangutan. An in fact, we took pictures to the tribesman of Bhutan and we asked them, “have you seen the Yeti?, they said “Yes, looks like that” and pointed at the orangutan.

Episode One: Final Chance To Save… Black Rhino’s with Griff Rhys Jones

In Kenya Griff Rhys Jones assists the Tusk Trust and Save the Rhino in their campaigns to prevent the extinction of the Black Rhino. He enlists a reformed poacher who helps him track down what is left of the endangered population, now only 400 black rhinos remain compared to the thousands that existed fifty or so years ago. Jones also meets up with the Kenyan Wildlife Service at the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary where he meets the armed guards who protect the surviving population from the poachers keen to hunt them for their precious tusks which sell for dagger handles in the Yemen or Chinese medicine ingredients.