Tuesday 2nd December

The life of a fire-fighter is a varied one, with everyday posing new challenges. Teenager Bridget has a ring stuck on her finger; luckily the crew has a tool specifically designed for the job. Bridget’s digit is saved but will her ring fare as well?

Elsewhere, a fire has broken out in an apartment above a group of shops. The block is evacuated. But no one can find the young woman who lives in the burning flat. The search is on for the missing woman. Meanwhile, neighbouring apartments and ground floor stores and businesses are also threatened.

Station 15 is called to a serious car accident. A sedan has slammed into the side of a mini-bus carrying a dozen tourists. The crash footage is all captured on CCTV and the fire fighters race against the clock to free a passenger who they believe is suffering a serious spinal injury.

Later that day, the crew responds to residential house fire. They arrive to find a man trying to put out a small blaze right outside their back door. He’s using a garden hose and the whole place is filling up with smoke.

All seems under control until the fire fighters discover there are young children still inside the house – with the house filling with smoke will they reach the children in time?

FIRE! Tuesday 7th October 8.00pm

Monday 29th September 8.00pm

Fire! is a documentary series featuring firefighters from the NSW Fire Brigades. It highlights the vital work carried out by firefighters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to prevent, prepare and protect the community.

This behind-the-scenes TV series follows these brave firefighters to a diverse range of fires – rescue calls, hazardous material emergency calls and showcases the community education work carried out to raise awareness about fire safety and prevention.