First Life

7:30pm Sunday, August 19 on Prime


Sir David Attenborough takes a journey back in time and across the globe to discover how the very first animals developed on our planet, while groundbreaking CGI re-creates their world.

During an illustrious career spanning more than 50 years and many global wildlife epics, Sir David Attenborough has become one of the world’s most respected authorities on life on Earth. Now he is embarking on a journey to look for the most elusive animals yet – the earliest creatures that lived on this planet. It is an epic story spanning millions of years, from the dawn of life in the ‘depths of Hell’ to the very first feet on land. First Life transports the viewer back into deep time, when natural selection was pushing the biological innovation envelope, to witness some of the

catastrophes and happy accidents that pepper the evolution of animals. From global ice ages through to the age of volcanoes, the evolution of animals is intimately connected to the history of the planet – without these and other twists to the tale, life as we know it simply would not exist.