Firstlight Broadcasting Network

New Zealand’s new Christian television channel Firstlight looks to have had its launch date delayed.

A post last night on the network’s official Facebook page suggested it would not be launching on July 1 as previously planned.

The post read: “Though things are looking very positive, and we would be ready to start broadcasting on the 1st of July, due to things beyond our control our launch date will be postponed somewhat.

“So continue to keep Firstlight in your prayers please, that these things be resolved quickly and we be able to go on air soon.” Continue reading »

Firstlight Broadcasting have published the following on their website:

Introducing Firstlight Broadcasting Network. New Zealand’s new Christian television channel.

The Firstlight channel will begin broadcasting on 1st July 2012 via nationwide terrestrial Freeview.

However, it is our understanding that their application is still being considered. Continue reading »