In a week where Campbell Live went under the pump for declining ratings, TV3 launched their brand new, cross platform early morning news and current affairs bulletin fronted by Paul Henry along with Hilary Barry, Jim Kayes and Perlina Lau. While Campbell Live’s numbers have been lower than they were, having them during the start of the day would be something can only dream of.

The first week of the show saw an average audience during 7am and 9am of 54,873 viewers per day.

Going up against the well established Breakfast was always going to be a challenge. TV One’s early morning show drew an average audience for the week between 7am and 9am of 128,076.

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rachel_smalleyWhenever I read the words “candid interview” I wonder if that means the reporter was just having a friendly chat and then all of a sudden a comment became newsworthy and a story was born.  This is the case with a story this morning where Rachel Smalley is said to “blast ‘Ken and Barbie’ TV”.

“I didn’t feel that there was any desire to invest in women in senior primetime roles and I knew I couldn’t keep doing those hours. So I was at a real crossroads. I was frustrated.

“I didn’t feel either programme had the support of senior management, the top levels of management of MediaWorks, so there was only so far I could take both programmes.”

She was realistic about the amount of resources and marketing that could be pumped into non-primetime shows. “But that didn’t help the programmes I was on.” Continue reading »

sashaFirstline starts its 2014 season this Monday with new hosts Sacha McNeil and Michael Wilson, and a new (temporary) location. TV3’s early morning rolling news programme is holding on to some of that summer feeling, broadcasting from the Auckland waterfront for the first week (Monday 20 – Friday 24 January).

Mike McRoberts and Hilary Barry are also back in the 3 News studio at 6pm this Monday, while current affairs programmes Campbell Live and The Paul Henry Show launch a week later on Monday 27 January. Continue reading »

sacha-mcneilSacha McNeil will be trading in late nights for early mornings in 2014 after being named the new anchor for Firstline after Nightline was shelved in favour of The Paul Henry Show.

Nightline anchor Sacha McNeil and 3 News Business Editor Michael Wilson will host Firstline in 2014.

Sacha will make the move from late nights to early mornings next year, when Nightline takes a break.  One of TV3’s most experienced news anchors; she will continue to be a backup anchor for the 6pm bulletin.  Michael brings a wealth of business knowledge and extensive interviewing experience to his new role on FirstlineContinue reading »

Are TV3  in shell shock or denial?  Their web site still proudly claims Rachel Smalley as anchoring Firstline, even though she’s been warming a seat at Newstalk ZB for a while now.


Smalley’s departure has left TV3 in a bit of a pickle.

Never having had the audience figures, nor the respect that TVNZ’s Breakfast enjoys, at least Smalley had made serious inroads into the company’s breakfast TV ambitions.

Hard working, smart and ambitious, her departure is a huge loss to Mediaworks.

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rachel_smalleyRachel Smalley has been caught up in a little Facebook ad drama that involves a photo of her being used without her permission to advertise a weight loss company.

Smalley tweeted yesterday: “Another email from Facebook. They say unless I can prove ownership of my photo, they won’t remove it from their advertiser’s link. #argh!”

She told Fairfax Media: “It seems that these scams develop faster than the solutions to fix them. Facebook makes money out of selling advertising space and it has a responsibility to ensure those ads are legitimate. Continue reading »

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