What is wrong with the network TV programmers these days? Are they all just a bunch of morons with a lack of imagination to dare try anything new? I’m talking about how they seem hell-bent on putting the same-type shows on against one another and think that is somehow clever competitive programming. There’s nothing clever about it, it’s idiotic and a frustration to viewers.

There are ample examples of what I mean.

At 5pm on Saturdays, both TV1 and TV3 both show the ONLY fishing shows currently on schedule at exactly the same time.

7:30pm that same night and both TV1 and TV3 have renovation shows.

Tuesdays at 7:30pm, not just two, but THREE networks – TV2, TV3, and Prime all have cooking shows on at the same time.

Does it not occur to the stations that they are actually shrinking the potential audience by appealing to the same interests in these time slots? Doesn’t it occur to some of them to swap it up a bit and mix things around so there’s more variety, thereby actually increasing the overall number of viewers all round?

There was another annoying clash a couple of years ago – when Ghost Whisperer was up against Medium – the same type of supernatural show. One station changed the night and would you believe the other changed theirs to the same night and so the clash continued. No imagination see.

In the second half of the 1970s, the golden era of television in NZ, the rule was “competitive but complementary” programming – no clash of same genre allowed – and it worked really well. Did no one learn from this?

The final insult, or ultimate utter stupidity of pointless programming, which is what finally prompted me to write this, is the memorial servce this afternoon, Granted it’s a sad event for the country but could you tell me what the point was of THREE networks all broadcasting exactly the same live feed of the event? TVNZ had some sort of sole right of camera access; therefore the feed was identical on TV1, TV3 and Prime. It’s not like the other stations could show the service from a different camera angle at least. Oh no. So what was the point of the other channels feeling under some sort of obligation of simulcasting the same thing? What was the point? Did it never occur to them that not everyone wanted to watch it? Perhaps there were some that found it too sad, or that it wasn’t something worth wallowing in. My point is, TV3 and Prime should have stuck to their regular programming. They weren’t going to get any more viewers by doing what they did since just about everyone who wanted to watch the memorial would have been tuned to TV1. There was absolutely no point in them simulcasting the TVNZ signal. What a waste of broadcasting air and yet one more example of moronic program decision making.

Saturday Afternoon Local Line-Up
Saturday 10 February, from 3pm

Have you ever wondered about your inner-self? Why you do what you do, and what you are capable of doing? Very few of us have ever considered what it would take to push our body and spirit to a limit that we had previously considered unattainable.

‘Mind Games’ is a new series that asks this question of everyday New Zealanders. The series follows eight ordinary kiwis who have signed up for a reality show, unaware that they are about to start a 12-month challenge to become an Ironman competitor.
Good Kiwi Bloke, and New Zealand entertainer, Ken Moller (Lynda Topp from the Topp Twins), presents a new hunting and fishing show today at 5pm in ‘Ken’s Fishing Show’.

Ken is joined in the field by Lady Hunter (Emma Lange) who hosts the hunting adventures in the show, sharing her passion for hunting and her love of the outdoors. Lange is an original Great Southern gal – she grew up on a South Island High Country station and is currently a radio DJ in Queenstown, a respected alpine guide and comedian.

Entertaining and informative, ‘Ken’s Hunting And Fishing Show’ will appeal to both passionate anglers/hunters and non-anglers, as Ken and Lady Hunter set out on adventures down rivers and up into alpine areas where stag roam.

And take a look at some of the most important environmental issues facing the nation in the documentary series ‘NZ Exposed’. The first episode looks at the battle between those who would exploit and those who seek to conserve New Zealand’s declining fish stocks.

Watch TV ONE’s Saturday afternoon line-up; ‘Mind Games’ at 3pm, ‘Ken’s Hunting And Fishing Show’ at 5pm and NZ Exposed at 5.30pm.