Five Days

Wednesday, May 7th at 8:30pm

Five Days the sensational multi-stranded thriller about five individual days during the aftermath of a young mother’s abduction comes to a heart-stopping conclusion on Wednesday, May 7th at 8:30pm on 3.

Seventy nine days ago Matt Wellings (David Oyelowo) was just an ordinary guy, married with two children and holding down a job at a local gym, until on that fateful day his whole world fell apart.

His wife, Leanne (Christine Tremarco), disappeared, along with the couple’s children, Ethan (Lee Massey) and Rosie (Tyler Anthony).

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare and actor David Oyelowo, who plays the distraught Matt, recently revealed to that he had to dig deep into his own emotions to be able to portray the depth of his character’s devastation.

“One of the interesting things about playing this part has been the fact that you just don’t know how you’re going to react to this situation,” he says.

“We have all either experienced the death of loved ones, or know people who have, and very often people will say they laughed or they didn’t cry for two years and then had a breakdown, or they cried there and then – there is no set way that we, as human beings, deal with grief.

“So from that point of view, I just tried to be emotionally available in every scene and very much be guided by directors Otto Bathurst and Simon Curtis, rather than come with a pre-empted way that this man would react.”

What struck David most about Matt was that he was just an average man in a situation that could happen to anybody, “Matt’s an ex-Army guy, a gym instructor, so he’s an ordinary guy just trying to make an honest living. The Wellings are just a normal, working-class family.”

“Matt’s whole life is decimated by Leanne and the two children going missing and I suppose, through the five episodes, we see an ordinary man dealing with the pressures of not just the press plaguing him, because it’s a high-profile story, but also the police and the suspicion that he’s engendered not only by the fact that he’s ex-Army, but also a little bit because he’s black. He’s an ordinary guy dealing with an extraordinary situation.”

Matt’s suspicion is further fuelled by the friendship he developed with Sarah (Sarah Smart), the recruitment consultant who found his son.

“Sarah becomes a helper of the family,” David says. “She has quite a dark past in terms of what happened in her family and I suppose, in some ways, she sees this family as an opportunity to exorcise some of her demons, so she very much grafts herself onto the family.”

“Of course, for a man who is being hounded by the press, being seen with another woman is always going to engender suspicion, so that relationship comes under quite a lot of pressure.”

But is Sarah’s friendship with David part of a greater cover up, or are they both involved with Leanne’s disappearance? Find out when the story of the missing mother concludes in the finale of Five Days, screening Wednesday, May 7th at 8:30pm on 3.

Wednesday, April 23rd at 8:30pm

As the senior police officer investigating the mysterious disappearance of Leanne Wellings (Christine Tremarco), Detective Superintendent Barclay (Hugh Bonneville) is under pressure to find the missing mother, Five Days screens Wednesday, April 23rd at 8:30pm on 3.

With no leads and time running out before the 28-day (Day 28) police review, all eyes are on Barclay to prove that he is in control of the situation and close to arresting the abductor. But, in reality, no one in Five Days is quite as they seem.

Bonneville admits he was intrigued by the character and inspired by Gwyneth Hughes’s script.

“Gwyneth writes so much for the character, rather than plot, and it’s nice to see the BBC breathing a bit and letting it explore characters as much as it has. Five Days is a slow burner,” he told

The subject matter also hooked Bonneville with twists and turns and different characters being suspected of the abduction – which is also being played out in the press.

“I love the fact that, ultimately, it’s got the whodunit format but it’s not really a whodunit, more of a where-are-we-at-and-why.

“It’s almost Dickensian in the complexities of the relationships and the way the characters overlap and the stories interweave – no one is going to be spoon-fed.

“There are often huge time jumps between episodes – sometimes it’s a couple of days and sometimes it’s weeks – so you have to keep up with it. I’m intrigued by it.”

Barclay, says Bonneville, has not come through the ranks of the detective world – he has moved over from the traffic division.

“I think there’s a slight awareness that he’s not from the mould. He’s not been born into detective work, yet he’s clearly got quite a sharp mind and thinks laterally – he thinks outside the box. But he doesn’t suddenly say, ‘I know exactly who did it, with the candlestick,’ and all that. “

“I think what this drama is quite bold and honest about is the painstaking way in which the police are obliged to work, and should work. “

“Watching Life On Mars really brought that out for me – that complete contrast with the kick-down-the-door, beer-swilling days of The Sweeney versus the way the police have to, and should, operate today.”

“We see that at work in Five Days and it is very slow and deliberate. Barclay is a man who will only rely on evidence rather than pure hunches. However much the hunches cry out to be true, Barclay is pedantic, to a point, about wanting evidence and he feels railroaded into certain decisions.”

So how will the Detective cope with the 28 day review? Find out when Day 28 of Five Days screens on Wednesday, April 23rd at 8:30pm on 3.

Wednesday, April 16th at 8:30pm

It becomes clear that nobody is quite what they seem as the story of a mother and her children vanishing into thin air continues in Five Days, screening Wednesday, April 16th at 8:30pm on 3.

On day one Leanne (Christine Tremarco) was taking her two young children to visit her grandfather (Edward Woodward). She stopped to buy flowers at a lay-by but then disappeared, leaving her two children waiting in the car, lost and far from home. The children set off to find her – only to go missing themselves.

Now the disappearance of Leanne and her children is headline news, as the media moves through their neighbourhood.

It was this aspect of the media attention that initially interested Five Days director Simon Curtis to the series. “I was interested in these cases that had obsessed people like OJ Simpson, or Lacey Peterson in the UK,” Curtis told

“The families of the victim, the families of the accused, the police, the press, the witnesses, everyone involved in those stories became characters in the narrative. And I was interested in why that might be the case and what it said about us as a society. How we were all almost bound together by those narratives,” he added.

Over the series viewers will discover that the way in which the events in Five Days unfold is quite unique and interesting. Layers will get peeled away as the audience will discover that some characters are not the people we thought they were.

“This story is what might be called an imperfect narrative, just like life – that information comes at different times and sometimes there’s a huge lull in the case,” Curtis explained.

The way the series is shot is also unique in that it is reminiscent of real events of a true life drama unfolding. According to Curtis this is largely due to Five Days writer Gwyneth Hughes previously having worked on television dramas based on real life.

“She has an astonishing eye for what I would call telling details. So there would be this little three line scene that on the page didn’t seem to amount to much, but as soon as it was staged with the actors, you suddenly felt, my god, she’s written this brilliantly original thing.”

So make sure not to miss this brilliant writing when the heart stopping Five Days continues on Wednesday, April 16th at 8:30pm on 3.

Wednesday, April 9th at 8:30pm

One hot summer day a young mother and her children inexplicably vanish. Find out what happens to them in the new gripping, multi-stranded thriller, Five Days premiering Wednesday, April 9th at 8:30pm on 3.

Five Days is the new thriller by Gwyneth Hughes which tracks five 24-hour periods following the abduction of the attractive young mother.

Leanne (Christine Tremarco) is taking her two young children to visit her grandfather (Edward Woodward). She stops to buy flowers at a lay-by but then disappears, leaving her two children waiting in the car, lost and far from home.

They set off to find her – only to go missing themselves.

Their ordeal is captured on CCTV cameras and, before long; the family’s heart-stopping trauma is being investigated by the police and has become a major news story.

“We were interested in doing a really grown up crime story that would be forensically detailed, and extremely contemporary,” Five Days creator Gwyneth Hughes recently told The kind of story that if it happened in the real world would really grab the attention of the entire country,” she added.

The action in Five Days unfolds over five days, as each episode unravels; it becomes clear that nobody is quite what they seem.

Not Leanne’s grieving husband, Matthew (David Oyelowo), who finds himself under suspicion. Not the laconic detective, Barclay (Hugh Bonneville), or his cynical sergeant, Foster (Janet McTeer); not Leanne’s parents, Barbara (Penelope Wilton) and John (Patrick Malahide); and not Sarah (Sarah Smart), a stranger who’s drawn into both the investigation and the family.

“It’s almost Dickensian in the complexities of relationships and the way the characters overlap and the stories interweave,” revealed Five Days star Hugh Bonneville.

“No-one’s going to be spoon-fed. There are often huge time jumps between episodes – sometimes it’s a couple of days and sometimes its weeks – so you have to keep up with it.”

In the end, five days prove critical in solving the case – the action unfolds on days one, three, 28, 33 and 79.

“I thought it would be exciting for the audience to work out for itself what had been going on between episodes,” said Hughes.

As each episode unravels another piece of the puzzle falls into place, so don’t miss the crucial first 24 hours of this gripping thriller; Five Days premieres Wednesday, April 9th at 8:30pm on 3.