Food Fighters

FOOD TELEVISION – Sundays from 3 June, 8.30pm

The job of a Food Fighter never ends. Simon Rimmer is back, in an all-new series, following food inspectors who work to uncover the dirty secrets behind the food industry. This jaw dropping, stomach churning series profiles their work and follows them as they instruct the shocking shut down of businesses and order big clean ups.

FOOD TELEVISION – Tuesdays from 21 December, 9.30pm

Food Fighters is a fast moving, jaw-dropping, occasionally stomach-churning series following the work of the people policing the nation’s food chain. Profiling their work in a tightly-paced intercut observational documentary style, this series features Britain’s border agencies stopping illegal and dangerous food entering the country, Environmental Health Officers cracking down on rat and cockroach infested premises and the painstaking laboratory tests that prevent potentially carcinogenic peanuts or algae infected mussels from entering the food chain.