Food Jammers

Friday January 16 at 10.00pm

Indulge in the creative genius of Food Jammers Micah Donovan, Christopher Martin and Nobu Adilman as they come up with brilliant designs for culinary contraptions. Part food and part DIY, Food Jammers combine their love of food with their passion for invention, to bring you the most intriguing and ingenious designs. Tune in to see how they tackle the tricky mechanics of providing fresh tacos on demand with their taco vending machine. They even examine an alternative to airplane food, by designing there own menus and trays complete with built-in heating systems to ensure fresh, nutritious and most importantly, delicious portable meals! The Food Jammers prove there is a solution to all culinary conundrums, from a smoker filing cabinet, to a Centrifugal pancake maker, the inspiration is limitless!