Food Lovers Guide To The Planet

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Friday 21 August, 6.30pm

In this one-stop series, viewers will learn about the best of the best in the culinary world. Today’s episode features the food and culture of Korea.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 17 August, 8.00pm

Spirit makers and mixers around the world are filling glasses with their own distinct styles, raising mixology to an art-form. In London, Shochu Lounge’s Tony Conigliaro uses scientific analysis to blend flavours for some of the UK’s best drinks. From Kerala, India, award-winning author Shoba Narayan explores coconut toddy, a liquor extracted from the coconut palm. In Chile’s fertile Colchagua Valley, learn the art of hand-crafted artisanal spirits with Maria Orsi and Christian Marin. Tuthilltown Spirits, the only whiskey distillery operating in New York State, produces sought-after artisanal batches of bourbon, rye and vodka.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 17 August, 7.30pm

In Vietnam, subtle and varied flavours are often achieved in the simplest ways. Take an inside look at making Canh Chua Ca – Sweet and Sour Fish Soup – in a remote floating village off the waters of Ha Long Bay. Foodie, Pham Ha takes a whirlwind tour of Hanoi’s caffeine culture. Explore imperial cuisine in Ho Chi Minh City’s famous Rex Hotel and follow the meticulous process of making rice paper, a staple in Vietnam.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 10 August, 7.30pm

At the centre of ceremonies, celebrations, rituals and desserts, sweets are a delicious indulgence enjoyed by cultures across the globe. In Shanghai, chef Anthony Zhao and food writer Crystyl Mo describe the legend behind Dongpo Rou, a rich sugar and wine-soaked cube of pork, as they go behind the scenes at Zhang Sheng Ji Restaurant. Food writer Sabita Radhakrishna takes friends to a local tiffin snack shop in Chennai, India, to partake of sweet treats favoured by both mortal and immortal alike. Michelin-starred chef Steve Stallard developed BLiS, a line of delectable products to inspire chefs to experiment, but it’s his Bourbon Barrel Matured Maple Syrup that hits the sweet spot. In Morocco, take a look at the delectable sweetness of the traditional tea ceremony. In Vietnam, watch how the sticky sweetness of coconut candy is crafted by hand.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 10 August, 8.00pm

Chefs, scientists and perfumers from around the world explore the impact of fragrance on flavour. Sensory scientist Marcia Pelchat of Monell Chemical Senses Centre explores the link between smell and memory with chef Alison Barshak. In Morocco, see how one of the world’s most prized fragrant oils is extracted from the seeds of the argan tree. The fragrance of Provence inspires chef Jacques Chibois’ plat du jour. San Francisco-based chef Daniel Patterson teams up with natural perfumer Mandy Aftel to create a few aromatic and delicious recipes.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 3 August, 7.30pm

Go behind the scenes with one of America’s most celebrated chefs, Paul Bartolotta. An award-winning chef, Paul is a master of authentic rustic Italian food. Travel to his hometown of Milwaukee where Paul shares his secrets to authentic Italian cooking. Along with his brother Joe, Paul has opened four critically acclaimed fine-dining venues in his hometown. Then, in Emilia-Romagna in Northern Italy, see what goes into making one of the world’s finest cheeses, Parmigiano-Reggiano. Then tour the Pescatore Nazionale fish market in Chioggia, Italy, for the catch of the day.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 3 August, 8.00pm

Celebrate the glorious bounty of excellent fast food around the world. In New York City, renowned chef David Chang reinvents cheap and delicious at his popular eatery Momofuku Ssam Bar. In Florence, street vendor Sergio Pollini serves unique tripe sandwiches from his cart. Travel to Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay neighbourhood to learn the art of making wonton noodles. In India, Bangalore’s first vegetarian fast food chain serves up healthy versions of classic favourites. In Ensenada, Sabina Bandera runs a favourite ceviche stand.

National Geographic – Sunday 27 July, 7.30pm

Cooking moves out of the kitchen and into the lab, as scientists develop the tools of the culinary future. Take a peek inside the kitchen of scientist and gourmet chef Nathan Myhrvold, an expert on cutting-edge styles of cooking. Meet French chemist Hervé This, whose research into the science behind the art of cooking has led to methods allowing modern chefs to foam, gel and liquefy food into new and more flavourful creations. In Kentucky, associate professor Mark Williams takes equipment originally used for harvesting tobacco and transforms it into tools for sustainable farming. At PolyScience, inventor Philip Preston dreams up futuristic kitchen gear that captures the attention of some of America’s top chefs.

National Geographic – Sunday 27 July, 8.00pm

Travel through Chile to explore native foods prepared with European influence. In the coastal town of Quintay, Doña Zuni, a local legend and restaurant owner, prepares regional recipes with home-style affection. At Los Maitenes Dairy farm, enjoy the tradition of high tea, called ‘onces’ in Chile. Norma Aguilar dedicates herself to preserving Chile’s potato diversity in hopes of maintaining rare species for future generations. German-born Richard Knobloch, one of Chile’s top chefs, raises native ingredients to new heights at Aqua restaurant in Santiago.

National Geographic – Sunday 20 July, 7.30pm

Travel to France for a look at some young chefs who are reinterpreting the classics. Innovative Gilles Choukroun redefines the art of cuisine at Mini Palais, his ephemeral restaurant in the Grand Palais. At Le Châteaubriand, Iñaki Aizpitarte reinvents the classic French bistro with a style all his own. In Arles, about 450 miles south of Paris, Armand Arnal allows seasonal produce to drive his menu at La Chassagnette. Food writer Clotilde Dusoulier visits Chef Pâtissier Sadaharu Aoki, the renowned creator of exotic pastry with international flavours.