Food Network Challenge

FOOD TELEVISION – Friday 9 April, 9.30pm

Premier pastry chefs from twelve different countries travel to Las Vegas for a two day competition that is known for setting new standards in the industry. Each team shows it has promising artistic talent with a sugar showpiece and a chocolate showpiece, and its culinary prowess with pastries. Tune in for the most inspiring episode yet of Food TV favourite Food Network Challenge.

FOOD TELEVISION – Friday 2 April, 9.30pm

Five of the world’s top pastry chefs make the world’s finest chocolates that you can not only eat, but wear. Each competitor designs an evening dress made out of chocolate for a chance to win $10,000 – but there is a catch. If they want to stay in the running to win, their dress has to make it on to a live model and through a real runway show. This competition pushes each chef’s creative limit as they not only test their chocolate skills, but also their sewing and fashion design knowledge.

FOOD TELEVISION – Friday 26 March, 9.30pm

Five of America’s hottest young chefs face off in one of America’s hottest locales, South Beach, Miami during the South Beach Food and Wine Festival. Our chefs have to prepare an appetiser and an entree, both reflecting the culinary heritage of Miami. They have only forty minutes to complete the appetiser and one hour for the entree. A panel of all-star judges will decide who goes home with $10,000 prize.

FOOD TELEVISION – Friday 19 March, 9.30pm

The winning dish is worth $100,000 at the National Chicken Cook-off, where fifty one amateur chefs battle it out for the biggest prize in contest history! One competitor from each state and the District of Columbia who each have previously won a recipe contest to confirm their place at the National Chicken Cook-off in Charlotte, North Carolina, will compete and give it all they’ve got in the competition – which allows three hours to make their prized poultry masterpieces and impress the judges.

FOOD TELEVISION – Friday 12 March, 9.30pm

In this Food Network Challenge battle, four young chefs on the verge of culinary greatness go head to head in an attempt to be crowned “The Next Great Chef.” The chef who can deliver the most mouth watering food as well as prove they are the complete package of creativity, ambition, and technique will win $10,000 and a career-making title!

FOOD TELEVISION – Friday 5 March, 9.30pm

Five Guinness World Records are on the line inside the home of movie magic, Universal Studios – and not one, but two competitors are going head to head in each event to see who can flip, carve, crack, peel or scoop their way into the record books. From pumpkins to pancakes, onions to oysters, you’ve never seen food move this fast!

FOOD TELEVISION – Friday 26 February, 9.30pm

Two hundred and fifty eight teams are gathered in Memphis for one of the most prestigious barbeque contests in the world. Competitors will compete in three categories: shoulder, ribs and whole hog. If they can beat the other competitors in their category they’ll win $3,000 and have a shot at the grand prize of $22,000!

FOOD TELEVISION – Friday 19 February, 9.30pm

Four teams compete in a unique competition that combines ice sculpture and pastry art. Each team consists of two competitors. Our experts have to come up with a sculpture that combines two very different elements under the umbrella theme of Fire and Ice. There will be many forces at work against the teams such as heat, the clock and for some, almost no time to practice! The teams will battle it out in a fierce competition with the hopes of taking out the top title!