Being it January about to rock into February every 2 seconds on the TV you have the ‘TV season’ preview with lots of little clips from the soon to be on air shows all strung together with shots of the stars all moving about to some heart warming little ditty. Now I was watching the TV2 preview the other day when it caught my attention that there is yet another ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ about to bust its way back into our living rooms (most likely on a Tues or Thurs) for the gazillionth time.

When is enough, enough with some of these shows! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the reality – and I use that term VERY loosely- TV show but how many times can you do a show like this. It’s like watching a film for the first time, you’re like ‘Yeah that was a good movie’, then they do a remake of that same film, you are then all ‘hmm, not as good as the original but I’ll roll with it’. BUT THEN they remake it again but all they do is change the meaningless supporting cast and extras – most of whom who cant remember their names or anything of significance that they did –so by now you’re all pissed off, and feeling ripped off as if someone has sat you down in-front of the TV and play ‘This is the song that never ends’ sung by Lambchops (whatever happened to that show) and being told you have to be entertained by this!! Water-cooler talk the next day at work goes from being ‘Did you see what happened on that show last night’ to ‘Am I the only one who feels like they are experiencing Groundhog Day?’.

Now I actually quiet like Gordon Ramsay, but when he is in shows like ‘The F Word’ and not having the living day-lights edited out of him in any reality show. If you have seen him in other shows you’ll know that the yelling angry mother-swearing is something that he is playing up, most likely to fulfill his contractual obligations.

Back in the day when they were only a couple of seasons into Hell’s Kitchen they used to play the unedited dinner service at 11.30pm and boy did that shed light on what really happened, I say shed light when what I mean is it was like having a full circle of flood lights blaring onto the situation and having all your hopes of the ‘reality’ of the show nuked.

Another thing that gets me with the show is how predictable it is, in each season there will be an ad for an upcoming episode where Ramsay or the Voice Over will say something to the affect of ‘We/I have never done this in Hell’s kitchen  before’, would almost put money on it if I didn’t need it for something else. But also my Nostradamus skills tell me that once again in the upcoming season, plates will be thrown, someone will storm out, someone will be kicked out and come back and grovel for mercy to God Ramsay and the mystery man that is Jean Philippe will mutter under his breath of how incompetent the contestants are as he has to tell diners once more that they’ll have better luck going to the gold arches.

Hell’s Kitchen is starting to have more seasons than Dante’s Hell has levels. Why oh why oh why must we hellishly suffer