Footballers Wives

An American adaptation of Footballers’ Wives has been given the green light for a pilot on ABC, to be possibly directed by Bryan Singer (Superman Returns, X-Men, House).

Of course, football will come to mean American football (Gridiron), rather than soccer, as in the original UK version.

I wonder when Footballers wives is coming back. We’ve had the little season gap stopper with Extra Time, but having season 4 and 5 waiting in the wings for so long is ridiculous. This would be a better show on Friday night after EML than Entourage which should be moved to thursdays – which has nothing on. As for Tommy Lee.. don’t get me started!
*sigh* not much point complaining about it here, TVNZ doesn’t even look on here. The only thing they understand is lots of complaints and people in the TV Guide (more on that in another blog)
Does ANYONE out there have any info on Footballers Wives or when it’s coming back on?