Four Kings

Four Kings Friday August 3, 8.00pm

From the creators of the award–winning Will and Grace, comes TV2’s new comedy, Four Kings, which follows the misadventures of four New York friends.

Barry (Seth Green), Bobby (Shane McRae), Ben (Josh Cooke) and Jason (Todd Grinnell) couldn’t imagine life without one another. Since childhood, these buddies haven’t spent so much as a birthday apart. When Ben’s grandmother, who dubbed them the “Four Kings of New York,” passes away, Ben inherits her apartment and decides to share it with his lifelong friends. However, despite the comfort of posh new surroundings and the guys’ efforts to cling to youth, adulthood begins drawing these four kings knee-deep into situations they don’t always handle well.
Star Seth Green says that Barry is the type of off-the-wall character that he loves to play. “If there’s one through-line to every part I play, I look for (characters) that are not your typical person,” Green says. “They have some kind of flaw or fault or grievance… and they’re characters you might not like. Barry’s a grouchy, angry, embittered self-saboteur, but he’s not hateful.”

These flawed characters have served Green well. He has worked steadily in film and television for the past 23 years – including roles in the three Austin Powers films, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and My Stepmother Is an Alien. Currently, he is co-executive producing, writing, directing and doing multiple voices each week for Robot Chicken, his series on Cartoon Network, while simultaneously working on new episodes of cartoon series Family Guy. He was named Best TV Actor by Entertainment Weekly magazine and proclaimed by an E! Entertainment Television poll as hottest young actor in Hollywood.

Green chalks up his success to, “A series of good fortunes. I was in the right places at the right time.” He admits he didn’t have to work too hard to land the role of Barry. “It fell into my lap,” Green laughs. A guest spot on Will and Grace led to an offer from Emmy award-winning producer Max Mutchnick. “I worked on an episode of Will and Grace and met Max and David [Kohan] through that and they gave it to me,” he says, “which was lucky for me. We’ve got great writers and producers and a fantastic director on this show. This is the most fun I’ve had on sitcom. Everybody clicks together, and it’s a blast.”

In the series premiere of Four Kings, after Ben asks his friends to move into his swanky apartment, his girlfriend, Jenny, decides it is time they live together and gives Ben an ultimatum: his friends or her.

Four Kings screens Fridays on TV2 at 8.00pm.