Fox News

When actress Stacey Dash joins the Fox News Channel, many may find her face familiar but be unable to put a finger on where they’ve seen her before.

Dash has just been announced as a cultural commentator for Fox News’ daytime and primetime programs and will offer opinion on pop culture, national news and politics.

But where have you seen her before? More than likely you’ll recognise her from her role in the 1995 movie Continue reading »

This is almost unbelievable

Why is Fox News only shown for a couple hours in the middle of the night in between informercials on Prime? Why not all night like on TVONE, or at least longer than what Prime is currently offering? Does Prime really need all those informercials to fund what we see in daylight hours? (This question is more directed at Karen)

This clip is hilarious although i think the reporter is taking his job a little too serious. It’s just sports news!