I swear it’s not because of a younger cat woman, but I’m warming to Gotham


Gotham Cast

Gotham already had a larger-than-normal 16-episode original order, so it has now been picked up for six more episodes to bring its total to a full-season 22. (Standard order sizes are 13 for initial order and nine for back order. Continue reading »

Someone found a tape from September 7, 1990 featuring various shows including The Price is Right, The Noozles, Think Fast, and Double Dare.  Better (or worse…) the commercials.  Full 4 hours, it is a great way to see how far we’ve come with our tastes and expectations in some ways, and how we have hardly progressed in others.  If you haven’t got time now, bookmark this page.

…the hair…   …the clothes…   Continue reading »

Shooting for Entourage movie begins

Three years after the series finished on HBO, Entourage is finally back in front of the camera with filming beginning for the big screen.  All the main cast are back for the next installment of Vinnie Chase & Co. still hustling in Hollywood with super agent Ari Gold who is now a full blown studio head.

Fox developing new animated series Continue reading »

tv3logo_1With all the excitement over Mediaworks losing the Fox output deal and what impact it would have on their schedules, we thought we’d take a look at TV3 and Four for 2013 and see just how much impact losing these shows will have on their ratings.  As it turns out, the impact for TV3 isn’t nearly as bad as you think.

Of the Top 20 highest rating shows on TV3 this year, none of them are from the Fox output deal.  In fact, only 10% of their Top 30 shows will be lost from today so the impact overall isn’t that significant for TV3’s lineup.

Four, however, is a different story altogether with a massive 40% of their top rating shows for 2013 vanishing overnight.  With 40% gone, it’s not going to “Feel Like Four” anymore.

Here are the Top 30 shows on TV3 this year with the Fox ones in bold: Continue reading »

Whether Fox likes it or not, the next deal they have with a New Zealand broadcaster is likely to be of the pick and choose variety that Mediaworks wanted (unless Sky opens its chops and gobbles up the lot) now that TVNZ have declared their intent to pursue an output deal for themselves.

It didn’t take long for the vultures to descend but surprisingly, TVNZ have done so openly saying:

Fox is one of the three biggest producers of TV and feature film content in the US, so yes, we would be interested in taking a look at what might be available for our various channels and platforms. Continue reading »

Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! This is how you do a new season promo!

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