Freaky Weeknights, 8pm

From the worst nightmares, and strangest fantasies of New Zealand children comes Freaky. In a daily instalment of three short stories, Freaky explores the bizarre , the ridiculous and the downright terrifying ways that everyday life might turn weird, just when you least expect it. Freaky plays weeknights at 8pm on TVNZ Family on TVNZ 6.

Created by an innovative team of talented writers and directors, Freaky introduces some of the best young actors from around the country – many making their screen debut.
One of Freaky’s brightest young stars is Dan Costello, the “face of Freaky,” who introduces each episode and links the individual dramas with anecdotes from his own life. He is joined by a team of other young Kiwis.

An Avalon Production funded by New Zealand on Air, Freaky has made use of a whole host of locations in and around the Wellington region bringing a distinctive Kiwi flavour to the show. The first episode on Tuesday 18 November, introduces the freaky flavour of the show. It asks “have you ever ignored an “out of order” notice even though you know it’s there for a reason?” Karl experiences a sneaky ride on a broken hydro-slide, which takes him to a whole other world where it seems to be lunchtime for the locals. The only problem is that he’s on the menu!

Later Shane scams his way out of class – he thinks it’s always easy work when your teachers are gullible enough to believe you’re sick. Except, in this case, someone has sussed out Shane’s scam, and is about to make him clean up his act. Permanently!

It’s Freaky, and it’s happening weeknights, on TVNZ Family, on TVNZ 6.