Free Agents

UKTV – Fridays from 26 February, 9pm

Alex is a talent agent suffering all the sadness and pain of divorce. He’s sleeping on the office sofa and misses his kids. In the office opposite him, fellow talent agent Helen is suffering all the sadness and pain of bereavement (she blames herself for her fiancé’s death).

Deluded Alex believes they are perfect for one another. Helen thinks the opposite – yes, she’s slept with him twice, but there is absolutely no way she is doing it again…

This is a world in which everyone – boss, clients, friends, relatives, accountants and even ex-partners – is as bizarrely dysfunctional as Alex and Helen themselves. As the two talent agents blunder through the repercussions of a couple of nights of casual sex, along with their (many, many) other problems, this dark and poignant comedy follows this on-but-mostly-off romance between two people who might just have a positive future together – if they can shake off their pasts.

“Sharp yet gently affecting comedy… The script is brilliant, it’s as glossy as anything made in the States and Stephen Mangan and Sharon Horgan have never been more likeable. Just superb” Guardian

Starring: Stephen Mangan (Never Better, Green Wing), Sharon Horgan (Pulling, Angelo’s), Anthony Head (Buffy, Little Britain, The Invisibles) and Matthew Holness (Garth Marenghi, The Office).