Since New Zealand made the move to digital-only television broadcasting in December 2013, Freeview has continued to grow from strength to strength, as new results reveal.

Latest figures released from Colmar Brunton* show Freeview is now being used in 67% of homes, up 2.45%, or up 40,900 homes since digital switchover. Continue reading »

Sommet-Logo-300Once again, another channel which had exclusively been available on Freeview has arrived on Sky.

From April 14, 2014, Sommet Sports will bring free sports coverage 24/7 to every New Zealand household. Sommet Sports commences a new satellite service on Freeview and launches on SKY Channel 069.

It has been a long anticipated launch onto satellite for Sommet Sports. Now, in addition to their current UHF broadcast, satellite broadcast on both SKY and Freeview will give the recently launched television company similar coverage to that of every major New Zealand TV station. Continue reading »

freeview-logoFreeview will no doubt be happy with these numbers.

Freeview’s status as the nation’s preferred way to connect with and consume digital television took a big leap as New Zealand made the final transition to Digital only Television broadcasting.

The latest Nielson CMI Q4 2013 survey shows a total of 61.7 per cent of all New Zealand households, with at least one TV, are now using one or more Freeview devices – an increase of 8.2 per cent from the beginning of 2013 and means that 8 of 10 households that were still to go digital chose Freeview during the digital switchover (DSO). Continue reading »

tracksidevia the Tipline

A new page has been set up on Facebook to draw attention to the fact that Trackside is moving exclusively to Sky, something that racing fans are calling a “backward step” for the sport. Of course, this is nothing new. (Rugby, cricket, netball anyone?)

In early January it was announced that Trackside would be moving exclusively to SKY, commencing April 14. The page is intended to gain support towards keeping Trackside on the Freeview Platform. The reason has been published as “cost cutting”. However, as a result, many will miss out on Racing; somewhat of a backwards step towards the promotion of the sport.

Some argue that an extended deal with SKY has only been signed if Freeview was cut, there are many speculations. The page is intended to gain support towards keeping Trackside on the Freeview Platform. Continue reading »

Last night I attended Freeview’s “Analog TV is Goneburger” party at the Food Truck garage in Auckland.  There are a couple of things I will get to later on today from that but it is interesting to note that Freeview is now in more than 60% of homes.

With digital tv now here, are you a Freeview only, subscription only or mixed household?

If there’s anything else you’d like to discuss about TV, you know the drill.

Freebies 2013Today is the last day for voting in the 2013 Freeview Awards, otherwise known as The Freebies.

Prizes include two Panasonic 42-inch LCD TVs and five Panasonic MyFreeview recorders.

Head over to the ‘Vote & Win’ page to complete the survey and get in the draw.

This is more good news for Freeview in light of the forthcoming Digital Switch Over.

New figures show more than half of all New Zealand households with a working TV now use at least one Freeview device for their television viewing.

The government’s latest digital tracker survey shows the number of households using Freeview increased from 48% to 52% in the last three months to the end of January.

Freeview General Manager Sam Irvine says the upswing in the number of Freeview households bodes well for the future of free TV and Freeview’s own research suggests that 80% of the remaining analogue homes will make the change to Freeview during the digital switch over. Continue reading »

GoinDigitalFigures released this week suggest there are still nearly 150,000 New Zealand households still without adequate digital television equipment for the analogue switch-off.

Public information campaign Going Digital claim there are 146,000 homes without Sky, Freeview, TelstraClear or Igloo services, meaning they will be unable to watch TV by the end of the year.

Going Digital is warning those yet to make the move that if they leave it until the last minute they may face delays due to the rush.

Greg Harford, Going Digital National Manager, said: “There were people in Hawke’s Bay in September last year who left the move to digital TV until the last minute and when they sought help from technicians or installers, they found there was a wait. That’s why we’re advising people to start thinking about the change now. Continue reading »

It’s been confirmed that Quickflix will be available to FreeviewHD viewers from next year.

Viewers who connect their Freeview set-top boxes to the internet will be able to access the pay-TV service via their on-screen guides.

Quickflix offers an unlimited internet TV service that allows subscribers to access movies, TV and other content for $14.99 a month.

The difference between standard Freeview channels and Quickflix is that the latter is streamed to Freeview devices over the internet rather than through digital terrestrial radio. Continue reading »

You might notice some banners on the site at the moment for Freeview’s Share Some Love campaign which, if you participate in, could land you a new TV. Here’s the video that explains it in a bit more detail.