Friday Night Lights

Cusack and Broderick turned down Breaking Bad role

John Cusack and Matthew Broderick both turned down the role of Walter White in the critically-acclaimed series Breaking Bad before the role eventually went to Bryan Cranston. Cranston has since won three Emmys, two Golden Globes and a SAG Award for the role.

Charles added to Grey’s cast

Grey’s Anatomy has added Friday Night Lights actor Gaius Charles to its cast for the new season. The actor will play take on a recurring role. Continue reading »

10:30pm – Saturday, February 11 on TV 3

From Academy Award-winning producer Brian Grazer and based on the best-selling book about high school football, Friday Night Lights dramatises the 1988 season of the Permian High Panthers from Texas. A town for sale, Odessa has seen better days. Yet one hope sustains the community where, once a week during the fall, the town and its dreams come alive beneath the dazzling Friday night lights. Starring Academy Award-winner Billy Bob Thornton, Lucas Black, and Jay Hernandez. (2004)

Desperate Housewives to end next year

Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry has confirmed that the series will end next year. Cherry says the drama series will conclude after its eighth season.

Wilde to have minimal role in House

House creator David Shore has confirmed that actress Olivia Wilde will play a minimal role in the eighth season of the medical drama. Wilde, who plays Dr. Remy ‘Thirteen’ Hadley, had a limited role in the seventh season also due to film commitments.

Lawrence close to TV return

Martin Lawrence is reportedly close to landing a starring role in a new sitcom for CBS in the US. The comedian made a name for himself on the small screen in the ‘80s sitcom What’s Happening Now!!.

Brandy to guest on 90210

R&B musician Brandy has landed a major arc in the fourth season of 90210. The singer recently made a guest appearance in Drop Dead Diva.

Awards for Modern Family, Mad Men, Friday Night Lights

Modern Family, Friday Night Lights and Mad Men were the big winners at the recent Television Critics Association Awards held over the weekend in LA. Modern Family won the ‘Outstanding Achievement in Comedy’ award while Mad Men claimed the ‘Outstanding Achievement in Drama’ title. Friday Night Lights was named ‘Programme of the Year’.

Friday / September 19th / 8.30pm


While Tim Riggins and the team celebrate their victory, a frustrated Brian “Smash” Williams takes drastic measures to improve his performance on the field. Coach Taylor’s daughter Julie considers going on a date with rookie quarterback Matt Saracen, meanwhile Saracen trains “Smash” at his new job at the Alamo Freeze.

After dinner with Coach Taylor and his wife Tami, Riggins and his brother clash in a heated fight. Riggins and Lyla watch from the stands as Jason takes part in his first quad rugby game, one that will end with a vicious confrontation between him, the woman he loves, and his best friend in the world.

Friday / September 26th / 8.30pm

Tonight: GROWING PAINS – Emotions intensify as the game against the intimidating Gatling High nears. Lyla and Tim become alienated from their friends as rumours about their relationship spread all over town. Smash continues to buckle to the pressure and puts his own health at risk in his attempt to improve his performance on the field. Meanwhile, Julie and Matt have their first date, but everything that can go wrong does. The pressure builds as Friday approaches, and the Dillon Panthers have to get a victory without falling apart.

Friday / October 3rd / 8.30pm

Tonight: HIGH SCHOOL BLUES – The attention is focused off the football team for once and onto their biggest supporters – the cheerleaders. As the cheer team prepares for the Championship Classic, word of Lyla and Riggins’ affair causes Lyla to become the victim of brutal high school harassment. Matt and Julie also have problems of their own as Coach Taylor tries to keep the two of them apart in order to “protect” his daughter. Meanwhile, Jason adjusts to life back home after being released from rehab and Smash falls for the preacher’s daughter.

Friday / September 11th / 8.30pm

Tonight: ONE TEAM, ONE HEART – It’s homecoming in Dillon, Texas, as alumni reunite, and the team prepares for the undefeated Laribee Lions. Tyra Collette and Billy Riggins mix it up as they plan the after game party to end all parties. On the field, Brian ‘Smash’ Williams feels the pressure when he gets his one chance to impress a college recruiter. Tim Riggins quits drinking and focuses everything on the game while the 2000 State Champ quarterback, Lucas Mize, returns to town a hero, but hides the true secrets about his life. At rehab, Jason Street’s becomes more suspect of the relationship between Lyla and Tim.

Friday / September 5th / 8.30pm


The Dillon Panthers are frustrated facing the possibility of last week’s key win over Arnett Mead being overturned due to Ray Tatum’s recruitment. Police interrupt a sluggish practice with an arrest warrant for star defensive tackle Bobby Reyes after he viciously assaults another student outside of the sandwich shop. The Texas High School athletic administration summons Buddy Garrity and an uncomfortable Coach Taylor for further questioning before their final ruling.

Meanwhile, Tim Riggins and Lyla Garrity break injured Jason Street out of his rehab room, taking him on a surprise trip to the lake just like old times. When Coach Taylor and wife Tami butt heads about Bobby Reyes’ punishment, Coach Taylor wonders if he can do his job without giving up everything he believes in and hurting those he holds close.

Friday / August 29th / 8.30pm

Friday Night Lights is an American drama television series adapted by Peter Berg, Brian Grazer and David Nevins from a book and film of the same name. The award-winning series centres on life in Dillon, Texas, where high school football brings the community together — and the drama of small town life threatens to tear it apart.
Tonight: FOURTH QUARTER BELONGS TO US – With the Arnett Mead game just days away, Ray “Voodoo” Tatom proves he may not be the leader the team needs as he clashes with stressed out Coach Taylor and fellow players alike. Meanwhile, Lyla Garrity hates herself even more as her secret relationship with Tim Riggins continues. Tyra Collette reveals her sensitive side when she falls for Connor Hayes, a young businessman from Los Angeles. First-string quarterback, Jason Street, shows signs of renewed life when his new roommate Herc, an ex-Olympian quadriplegic, introduces him to aquad-rugby game called “Murderball.” Emotions run high as Riggins and Jason reunite for the first time since the accident when the entire Panther team visits him at rehab on their way to the big game. With backup Matt Saracen on the bench and Voodoo leading the team, Coach Taylor worries that he and his family could be packing their bags with a loss tonight to Arnett Mead.

Friday August 22nd at 8.30pm

Dillon prepares to go up against their biggest rival with Coach Taylor struggling to find a way to bring the team together while his family begins to unravel. Smash and Riggins get together to retaliate against the Tigers for their destruction of their field house. Street gives up hope until his roommate at the rehab centre gets him to realize his potential.

While new quarterback Voodoo continues to be unstoppable on the field, second string quarterback, Matt Saracen, hits rock bottom. As the big game approaches, Coach Taylor has an opportunity to save his reputation and job if the Panthers can pull out a win.