Funny or Die

The Week reports:

Breaking_BadBreaking Bad won’t air its series finale until the end of September. But actor Dean Norris, who plays DEA agent Hank Schrader on the hit AMC drama, has grown so tired of people asking him how the show will end that he finally spilled the story to Funny or Die. Fans may be surprised at the dramatic left turn Breaking Bad takes in its final hour…

According to Norris, Breaking Bad‘s series finale, “Hank Wins,” tells the story of Hank’s ultimate triumph over Walter White. “Great job arresting me, Hank,” says Walt. “I was a stupid idiot to think I could defeat you, but you’re the best cop there ever is, and the strongest one too.”

The video goes on to reveal the real source of Hank’s powers, an unexpected new sidekick, and a backdoor pitch for a promising-sounding spin-off called Mineral Man. It may not be the ending Breaking Bad fans are expecting, but it’s hard to argue with any finale that ends up with Hank on top.

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