Here is The Simpsons Futurama couch gag in which “a show out of ideas teams up with a show out of episodes”.

This episode airs tonight in the US

NewGirlMaxGreenfieldNew Girl’s Max Greenfield joins Veronica Mars movie

New Girl’s Max Greenfield has joined the upcoming Veronica Mars movie to reprise his role as Deputy Leo.

MacFarlane to guest on Futurama

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has signed up to appear in an episode of Futurama. MacFarlane will voice Fry’s pet dog Seymour, who previously appeared in an episode back in 2002. Continue reading »

game-of-thrones-s3Game of Thrones actress to make Futurama cameo

Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke will make a guest appearance in Futurama. The actress, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, will voice a flower stand owner who has lost her sense of smell.

The Rock signs up for HBO pilot

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has joined an HBO comedy/drama pilot produced by Entourage pair Mark Wahlberg and Steve Levinson. Peter Berg of Friday Night Lights will direct. Continue reading »

FuturamaFuturama cancelled again

Futurama has been cancelled for a second time. Comedy Central has confirmed that the animated series will not return after its seventh season.

Kardashian not returning to The X Factor USA

Khloe Kardashian will not return as co-host of The X Factor USA. Kardashian was met with criticism last year in her first season in the job. Her co-host Mario Lopez will be back. Continue reading »

9:00pm – Sunday, January 6 on FOUR

This week sees Futurama concluding its latest, seventh season with an episode which sees the hit animated series re-imagined in three different animation styles. Futurama screens on Sunday, January 6 th at 9pm on FOUR. Futurama was recently picked up for 26 new episodes, but when writers were mapping out the current season, they didn’t know if this would be their final, so they crafted the season finale as a potential series ender.

“The idea is that it’s Futurama reincarnated in three different animation styles,” says executive producer David X. Cohen. “One is in [Max] Fleischer black-and-white style, one in a 1980s video-game style and one in a Japanese anime style.”

“We’re going to go out in style,” adds Cohen. “And then we’ll be back next year.” Make sure not to miss the Futurama season finale, screening on Sunday, January 6 th at 9pm on FOUR.



8:30pm – Sunday, October 7 on FOUR

Matt Groening’s (The Simpsons) Futurama enters its unmissable seventh season on Sunday, October 7 th at 8:30pm on FOUR. Leading up to this week’s season premiere, the cast of Futurama have revealed that the series will be more emotional this season.

“This season we have more shows that may leave you with a little tear in your eye or make you say, ‘Wow, that show really said something’.”

Make sure not to miss this when Futurama enters its seventh season on Sunday, October 7 th at 8:30pm on 3.

8:30pm – Thursday, August 4 on FOUR

If there was ever a time for Futurama fans to go on a bender, that time is now. After 11 years, two production networks and a whole bunch of time off in between, Matt Groening’s animated comedy celebrates its 100 th episode on Thursday, August 4 th at 8:30pm on FOUR. Ever since Groening unleashed his follow-up to The Simpsons in 1999, the animated sci-fi series has had trouble finding its footing. It was on Fox. It was off Fox. People loved it. People hated it. Its ratings sank. Its DVD sales soared.

Then Comedy Central rebooted the show almost seven years after Fox pulled the plug, and now the series celebrates it 100 th episode. Built around the Planet Express team’s 100th transport – to the oldest remaining Astor family member, the episode will see a galaxy of laughs involving the Titanic, a mutant revolution, and the New Wave band Devo, who guest star in the episode as themselves!

Make sure not to miss this hilarity when Futurama celebrates its 100 th episode on Thursday, August 4 th at 8:30pm on FOUR.

BBC releases Doctor Who teaser

The BBC has released this very short teaser for the upcoming new season of Doctor Who. The season will kick off with the two-part episodes ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ and ‘Day of the Moon’.

Futurama renewed

Futurama has been renewed for a seventh season by Comedy Central with 13 episodes ordered for 2012.

Dushku joins comedy pilot

Eliza Dushku has joined a new comedy pilot that features Damon Wayans as a popular, quick-witted sports radio host. Dushku is expected to play Wayans’ on-air sidekick in the yet-to-be-named project.

Depp joins new Gervais sitcom

Ricky Gervais has acquired the services of Johnny Depp for his new BBC sitcom Life’s Too Short. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor will feature in the comedy series that continues the story of dwarf actor Warwick Davis who appeared on Extras.

David Brent to apply for Michael Scott’s job?

Details of Ricky Gervais’ guest appearance on the season finale of The Office are said to have been released that suggest the actor’s character David Brent will be interviewing for Michael Scott’s (Steve Carell) job.

Premieres Friday November 12 @ 8:00pm

Here at Comedy Central, we’re full of great ideas. But this one may take the cake. How about placing the best ‘set in space’ cartoon with the funniest ‘set in the real world’ cartoon? Oh, and what if we played the pair every Friday just to make you a little bit happier that it’s the end of the week? Some would say it’s a dream come true. That’s because we here at Comedy Central know how to ring in a weekend!

So get ready for Futurama (Season 6) followed by Family Guy (Season 8) every Friday starting November 12 at 8pm.

Former Doctor Who actor Paul McGann has arrived in New Zealand for the upcoming Armageddon expo being held in Auckland this weekend.

McGann played the eighth incarnation of the famous BBC Doctor in a 1996 television movie alongside outgoing Doctor Sylvester McCoy and Eric Roberts.

The British actor said of the fans he often encounters at pop culture events: “Dr Who fans tend to clamour in my royal presence and shake a bit, and get a little bit sweaty.”

McGann will be joined at Armageddon this weekend by Futurama’s John DiMaggio (who voices Bender), Survivors’ Johnny Fairplay and Michael Biehn of Terminator.

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