Introducing a new ISP that will enable access to US TV services like Hulu and Netflicks.

No longer be second-grade-third-world-digital-boat-people people with FYX – your new ISP. Use the internet the way nature intended … with freedom and grace.

With FYX, the internet works as it should. With access to many more international websites and internet-based services than any other ISP in New Zealand, FYX will literally change the way you use the internet at home. Your TV becomes more functional and Wii’s, Xbox’s, PlayStations and tablets have their potential fully realised. Even your smartphone can get smarter!

And with so much more do see and do at home with FYX, you may find you can start saving a lot of money by getting rid of some other monthly services that may become irrelevant to you.

FYX is an ISP that is all about open access and freedom. We have enabled a technology we like to call “Global Mode” which creates freedom for New Zealand internet users that doesn’t exist elsewhere. Continue reading »