Gabriel Byrne: Stories From Home

ARTS CHANNEL – Monday 15 August, 8.30pm

Over the last thirty years, Irishman Gabriel Byrne has established himself as one of the leading actors of his generation. Leading critic David Thompson has said of his performance in Miller’s Crossing “This is one of the great performances in American cinema”. In 2008 his starring role in HBO’s series, In Treatment, earned him an Emmy.

Stories from Home is a poetic and lyrical portrait of a man who, through both his life and career, exists in a self-imposed exile. A film that manages to transcend the limitations of many such portraits, creating a truly cinematic work. The topics covered in the documentary are deeply personal, and demonstrate a palpable sense of trust between filmmaker and subject. The documentary unfolds in a collage of photographs, home video, archive movie clips and interviews. All these elements, crafted in this excellent portrait, seek to understand the man whom we see in a candid moment at the opening scene, struggling to connect with the familiar.