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Broadcaster Martin Devlin was reportedly escorted from a plane by police this morning in Wellington.

Stuff is reporting that the Radio Live host and former Game of Two Halves regular voluntarily left a Jetstar flight at around noon after the captain called for help.

Sources say that Devlin was abusive and disruptive due to the fog delays this morning. 

“I can confirm that he was pulled off the flight,” a police officer said.

“It is between us and Mr Devlin but he hasn’t been charged with any offence.

“He came voluntarily off the flight. We were called to the aircraft by the captain and we were acting on his instructions.

“He assisted us with our inquiries.”

Source: Stuff

There have been a number of interesting developments with this story following Martin Devlin’s name suppression being dropped. The first thing is how the NZ Herald went from its New Years eve headline of Top secret: Celebrity arrested in central city to refering to Devlin upon his name being revealed as being a “Celebrity”, as if to say those who first suggested the arrested person was a celebrity were morons.

Russell Brown has a great read over at Public Address, as does Brian Edwards. But the most telling comment comes from John Campbell who writes:

One small point of limited interest to anyone but me: the Herald keeps insisting I made it known that I was not the 46 year old celebrity concerned. I did not. At any stage. The Herald and Fairfax kept calling me to ask me to do so, but I didn’t return a single call. I knew it wasn’t me, they knew it wasn’t me, so the notion that I would give the story more air by publicly denying it was me, seemed artful at best.

Very interesting indeed.

Sports broadcaster Martin Devlin has had his name suppression lifted this morning at the Auckland District Court following his arrest on December 29th for disorderly conduct. Devlin has been offered diversion.

The lifting of name suppression removes any speculation around other 46 year olds celebrities including Mike McRoberts, John Campbell and Simon Dallow.

Devlin released the following statement:


I am the 46 year old broadcaster granted interim name suppression after being charged with disorderly conduct in Auckland on December 29th last year.

The police have offered me diversion for this offence and it remains before the court and subjudice while I work through the diversion process over the next 3 months.

However, in an effort to set the record straight and end speculation the Police Prosecutions Service has allowed me to release this statement once the suppression lapses this morning.

I have no problem in admitting that I behaved like a right plum that morning on Quay Street.

My wife, two young sons and I missed the 11am ferry sailing because I was watching Manchester United draw with Birmingham.

As a result, the atmosphere was a little frosty and my wife dropped me at the terminal and drove away without realising my bag and wallet were in the boot.

I walked across Quay Street into a lane of traffic to stop the car and get my bag.

Once stationary, for some inexplicable reason I sat on the car’s bonnet.

It was stupid and I apologise.

I have always been and continue to be a very big supporter of the police and I am sincerely sorry for wasting their time and that of the court.

Regarding the media coverage there has been… several reports have described me as a “household name”. I think we all agree that description is totally inaccurate.

In an unconfirmed and unattributed report by the NZ Herald and last week, the newspaper claimed that my wife and I were having a “rowdy tiff” on Quay Street. In yesterday’s Herald on Sunday in another unofficial report, the newspaper claimed we were having a “blazing row”. Those reports were incorrect. In fact, we weren’t actually talking to each other.

Now that I can be named I’m hopeful the newspapers will go away and find a much more worthy story for the front page.

I sought name suppression in an effort to try and protect my children from being identified and embarrassed by my behaviour.

Obviously the only effective way to prevent that was not to do it in the first place.


Former Game of Two Halves and One News sports presenter Tony Veitch has pleaded guilty to reckless disregard causing injury, a charge which carries a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment.

Six other charges of assault have been dropped as a result of plea bargaining, sparing former girlfriend Kristin Dunne-Powell the distress of giving evidence and as an acknowledgement of the reparations that had already been paid.

At sentencing, Veitch was handed 300 hours of community service, 9 months supervision, fined $10,000 plus court costs and told he must attend an anti violence program.

Following the sunday papers hinting that Game of 2 Halves was being taken off air, the news has since been confirmed by one of the stars of the show.

On the BSport radio station breakfast show the other morning, host Dean Lonergan said that he had seen Mike King shortly after the filming of Friday’s episode, who had been told that was the show’s last episode.

The axing comes after the resignation of shamed broadcaster Tony Veitch, who was the popular quiz master of the show.

The programme had been on air for ten years, and had won various awards, including best Entertainment programme in the TV Guide Peoples choice awards in 2006.

The show had originally been planned to screen again after TV One’s Olympic coverage.

If you had a sneaking suspicion that the guests of Game of Two Halves were pretty smart with their answers you’d be right – they know what questions are coming.

A source who worked on the TV One sports quiz show told the Weekend Herald that guests were primed on what to expect – particularly on any questions coming up in their sport.

“If it was Greg Murphy, for example, before the show we’d be saying, ‘Remember that guy who crashed into you in such-and-such a race?’

“What’s given away depends on the calibre of the guest, but we don’t want them to look stupid.”

The Tony Veitch-hosted show is currently off air, but the last series regularly pulled in more than 200,000 viewers.

However, a spokeswoman for TVNZ denied the regulars were given any of the answers before the show screened.

She admitted celebrity guests were briefed on the types of topics coming up, saying the show was an entertainment programme all about the “banter, joking and interaction”.

Source: NZ Herald. Read more »

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Hey guys,
Here’s another question about music… I remember in Game of Two Halves they played this game where they had to watch a series of short clips from various sports and then answer the questions that followed. Does anyone know the music that they played in the background while the video clips were playing. It’s the game where Tony Veitch asks questions like “in shot number 4, who was…” etc.

I can’t remember what the music sounded like exactly but if anyone knows, it would be good.


A TV comeback for former TV3 sports presenter Clint Brown is not yet on the cards despite his appearance on sports quiz show Game of Two Halves this week.

Show regular, comedian Mike King, sported a fake black eye during the episode on rival network TVNZ in reference to an alleged assault that lead to the ending of Brown’s 17-year career with TV3.

Brown, who had been off screen since September, said his involvement in the sports quiz show was “just a guest appearance” and was not the start of a comeback.

“There’s nothing to say at this stage,” said Brown. “Sorry I can’t talk.”

Just tuned in tonight. Mark Ellis has something white all over his face with black lines around his eyes??! He’s wearing a t-shirt saying “Aroha” on the front of it.