Game Show in my Head

Monday, January 3rd at 7:30pm

Brand new to C4, Game Show in My Head is bringing hidden camera gags to the unsuspecting public when the hilarious series premieres on Monday, January 3rd at 7:30pm on C4.

The latest production from Ashton Kutcher’s (Punk’d) production company, Game Show in My Head sends contestants out to the streets to create fabricated situations with unwitting passersby – all directed by host Joe Rogan, who gives on-the-spot instructions for each gag through a hidden earpiece. 

“It’s very simple, mindless entertainment,” explains Rogan, who audiences may remember from the reality series Fear Factor. “If you come home from a long day at work, and you’re exhausted, it’s something retarded and funny to watch.”

“I’m just the voice in the ear,” the comic and former martial arts competitor continues, explaining the premise of the series. 

“I’m trying to help them, really. I want them to pull it off. I’m trying to guide them through it as much as possible and make it as funny as possible along the way… I couldn’t believe how persuasive some of these people were, some people are just good liars!”

Rogan says that it’s this ability for people to bend the truth that surprised him most. 

“Some people just lie up a storm,” he explains. “I think there are some people just getting through life, just being completely full of s–t!”

But will their lying abilities prove enough to complete their tasks and win the prize money, or will they wimp out and lose everything (including their dignity)? 

Find out when Game Show in My Head premieres with two episodes back-to-back on Monday, January 3rd at 7:30pm on 3.