General Election


John Campbell will moderate an hour-long debate between Leader of the National Party, John Key, and Leader of the Labour Party, David Cunliffe, on Wednesday 10 September at 8.40pm on TV3.

The Leaders Debate is part of Decision ‘14, authoritative and comprehensive coverage of the General Election from TV3’s leading news service.

Producer Keith Slater says that John Campbell is the best in the business in ensuring viewers get to see an insightful and entertaining meeting of our political leaders. Continue reading »

The Electoral Commission has released its decision on the broadcasting funding for political parties ahead of this year’s general election.

National and Labour will get the biggest slice of the pie with $1.15 million and 36 minutes of air time each.

The Greens will receive $300,000 and 15 minutes. ACT and the Maori Party will both get $160,000 and nine minutes while NZ First and United Future get $100,000 and five and a half minutes.

Non-Parliament parties such as Alliance and Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis will receive $20,000 and two minutes.

Hone Hawariwa’s Mana Party has missed out on funding due to the party being lunched after the application date.

The parties can use the money for production costs and to buy airtime. Their own money can be used to help with production but not to buy airtime.

Source: Stuff