I want to start trying a few new things here at Throng and see where they take us.  Firstly, I’d like to get a bit of a general daily television discussion happening.  This will be the place to discuss anything that may be relevant to television for the day or a burning topic that you’ve been wanting everyone else to add their thoughts to.

Take it away…

I would really like to see similar things happening with TV downloads and have the networks set their content free rather than lock everything into either their own service or have exclusive deals that deliver less choice.

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In 2011 more than 11,000 hours of New Zealand programme content
screened on our television channels, with more than 8,000 hours of that
being brand new programmes.

The latest Local Content Report from NZ On Air shows 37 per cent of
prime time hours on the six major free to air television stations was
Kiwi content.

Overall local content increased by 3.1 per cent on 2010 figures –  an extra 338 hours of home-grown TV. Continue reading »

Stuff’s article What’s Wrong With Television may be an interesting read with plenty of things to discuss, but there’s a number of statements in it which the data on television viewership in New Zealand simply doesn’t support:

“There are many reasons why people are switching off their traditional television…people are also turning off in droves because…It is no wonder, then, that people are turning their televisions off…Many of us are also forgoing watching shows on television at all…”

Contrast that to the latest data from Nielsen’s:

“In 2011 New Zealanders spent more time than ever watching Television.  While the average person’s viewing time of 3 hours and 22 minutes per day remained unchanged from 2010, more people tuned in each day, resulting in growth of total hours tuned of 2%. Overall 2011 saw an additional 55,000 people tuning in, with 75% of the population now watching Television on a daily basis. Over 3 million New Zealanders now watch Television each day.”

By all means discuss the future of broadcast television, but the article gives the wrong impression about viewership trends and figures.

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In what has to be one of the most incredible court rulings yet, a British judge has ruled that 23 year old Richard O’Dwyer, the creator of the sharing site TVShack, can be extradited to the United States so he can be tried for copyright infringement and potentially face five to ten years in an American prison.

With no criminal charges being laid by UK authorities, the US Customs and Border Protection agency wants O’Dwyer in their custody which leaves a number of questions around where this headed if a foreign corporate can circumvent the legal process of sovereign nations through extradition orders.

There is a lot of concern over new legislation in the US. The Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, has many calling it a “threat to the future of the internet”.  The clumsily drafted legislation is another desperate attempt by content produces to dictate when, where and how people consume media.

In 2009, New Zealand mounted a blackout campaign that saw section 92a of the copyright act redrafted.  Now, a similar campaign is due to launch in the US and is being joined by Wikipedia who will black out their English-language site for 24 hours from midnight EST on Wednesday along with a host of other concerned netizens.

President Obama issued a challenge to the tech community saying

Washington needs to hear your best ideas about how to clamp down on
rogue Web sites and other criminals who make money off the creative
efforts of American artists and rights holders,” reads Saturday’s
statement. “We should all be committed to working with all interested
constituencies to develop new legal tools to protect global intellectual
property rights without jeopardizing the openness of the Internet. Our
hope is that you will bring enthusiasm and know-how to this important

O’Reilly’s Nat Torkington responded with the story of the guy who is about to drown and is offered rescue a number of times but declines saying he’s waiting for God to save him and then adds

All I can think is: we gave you the Internet. We gave you the Web. We
gave you MP3 and MP4. We gave you e-commerce, micropayments, PayPal,
Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, the iPad, the iPhone, the laptop, 3G,
wifi–hell, you can even get online while you’re on an AIRPLANE. What
the hell more do you want from us?

Take the truck, the boat, the helicopter, that we’ve sent you. Don’t
wait for the time machine, because we’re never going to invent
something that returns you to 1965 when copying was hard and you could
treat the customer’s convenience with contempt.

It will be a wonderful day when content providers recognise the opportunity before them and stop wasting time and money trying to return the field of horses that has well and truly already bolted to the stables. 

Some friends of ours across the ditch have launched a new comedy site. Here are a few samples of their work.

There are even a few designed to offend kiwis.

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It is time to divulge my TV relationship history with you. Have that heart-to-heart about old friends, evil ex’s and loves found and lost. So here I lay my past and present before you in hopes that you can advise me in the path I should take moving into the future.

Growing up I was close friends with ‘Home Improvement’, everyday I would play at their house before dinner
and their dad always made me laugh but sadly one day they literally packed up their house and moved to another

I once had a brief relationship with ‘Flashforward’. At first I was apprehensive but then I couldn’t get enough,
the thrill so was exciting until they day I was told I could no longer see him. I was hurt and angry and after
desperate hoping that we would one day be reunited I eventually had to move on.

When I was 18 I got to know a group of ‘Friends’, sure they had been around awhile but I finally took notice during my tertiary studies and  we had a lot of fun. But when I started my own family I got a little tired of their rowdy antics, plus they were forever coming over when I was trying to make dinner and get the kids settled for the night. Now the only way I can get away from them is watching the sports news.

There have been seasons in my life where ‘Greys Anatomy’ and I have been close. There was never a dull moment and the medical discussions were very titillating. However after a few years the constant drama was too much for me and I realized I needed more stability, plus it wasn’t right that he was often making me cry. We still keep in contact
occasionally though and rehash old times.

I have Fremeny relationship with ‘Shortland Street’, sure I will hang out with her but I bitch and gossip
about her behind her back way too much.

Once there was a fling with ‘Reality TV’ until the day I went to his work place and saw how much he was cheating on me. And then later it was brought to light that he was a gold-digger after my money. I will confess though that I haven’t completely let him go and sometimes we still meet up, it’s really just my guilty pleasure.

One day I was introduced to this one fella ‘Lost’ and what first attracted me to him at first was his spontaneity and living on the edge. Living life on a whim was exciting for awhile but slowly I acknowledged he had no clear direction in life and was just making things up as he went.

‘Scrubs’ has always been a dear and constant friend, the sort of friendship that you want to have in a boxset on your shelf so it can always be there for you.

I have had some simply wonderful British colleagues at ‘The Office’ (I didn’t bond with their American department), and I enjoy hanging with this ‘Family Guy’ and his brother ‘American Dad’. Ironically I’ve always fitted in with a group of ‘Misfits’ and can never pass up taking a break in ‘South Park’

To-date I enjoy a few long distance relationships with documentaries that never visit New Zealand. We have great discussions and debates about science, politics and religion.

Life takes us through many seasons and now that Masterchef New Zealand has wrapped up once more I am on the hunt for a new relationship. So dear reader, who should I start seeing? What TV show do you want to hear about and who are your past and current affairs XX