Get Growing With New Zealand Gardener

7:00pm Sunday, January 23 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

The past six weeks have seen an amazing transformation at the Coopey’s West Auckland property from their initial tiny vegetable patch. Lynda has plans for this last little bit of their garden which is currently home to silver beet and garlic and introduces Chris and Lee-Anne to the wonderful world of herbs. Long used for culinary purposes, herbs also have fantastic medicinal uses – aloe vera soothes sunburn, sage and honey make a great gargle for sore throats and horseradish is great for sinus. There are also unusual herbs like stevia, a natural sweetener that is 300 times sweeter than sugar, and of course there are all their favourites to consider including basil, parsley, chives and more. While the Coopey’s decide what they’d like to plant in their herb garden, Fiona looks at growing options for those with no garden but with a sunny balcony or deck – the perfect spot for summer salads which will grow happily in pots.

And Heather is seeking out weird and wonderful crops for the home gardener who wants to try something a little different.

Sunday 16th January 7:00pm                                              

Lifestyle Series

We welcome back Get Growing after a short Christmas break and this week the primary edible garden delights take a back seat as we focus on flowers. Flowers are not only pretty to look at but they are great providers of food for your gardens’ hardest workers, bees and other beneficial insects, which, along with their pollination duties, help maintain a natural balance in the garden. But flowers aren’t just all about being pretty – there are many edible types too, so Heather is on the hunt to find out more about floral foods. Last week Lee-Anne planted out the remaining seedlings they had grown from seed, so this week it’s waste not want not as both she and Chris plan how to make the most of their glasshouse space and plant more summer crops that love to grow in warm temperatures. And as roses are the quintessential stars of any flower garden, Fiona is tackling the problem of how to deal with common rose pests and diseases from aphids to black spot.

Prime Television and Top Shelf Productions are looking for families who are interested in being in future series of GET GROWING.

The popular ‘back-to-basics’ gardening series recently screened on Prime and offered practical hands on advice on how to adopt a more self sufficient lifestyle by establishing a home garden.

Hosted by gardening guru Lynda Hallinan, with input from experts Heather Tait and Hamish Dodd, the series followed one family with little gardening experience over a 10 week period as they transformed their suburban back yard into an edible wonderland, producing all of their family’s – and friends! – vegetables over summer.

Prime are now looking for ‘gardening guinea pigs’ for a second series, who ideally know little or nothing about growing their own food but are willing to learn and let the cameras document their every success (and the odd failure) for the country to see.

Get Growing with NZ Gardener proved so popular with viewers that Prime is rescreening the first series starting this Sunday.  People interested in being in series two can contact the producers on 0800 377 677 or by email at

7:00pm Sunday, March 14 on Prime


You may be groaning about the excessive humid weather currently sweeping our beautiful country, but rest assured winter will soon be chasing its tail, and before long your green fingers will be kept busy winter-proofing your garden. But where to start?! NZ Gardener Magazine Editor Lynda Hallinan has you covered. Tonight she explains the importance of crop rotation and seasonal planning as the garden is prepared for winter, and the Coles family reflect on their experience and look ahead to a self sustainable future.

7:00pm Sunday, March 7 on Prime


Tonight, see how sharing fresh produce is as satisfying as growing your own when Lynda and the Coles look at school and community gardens, which are becoming increasingly popular. Many New Zealanders are choosing to grow their own veggies as a way of cutting costs during tougher economic times and sharing these within your local community cuts costs even more.

Lynda also challenges the Coles to take a stall at a Farmers Market and they quickly learn that selling at a market is an ongoing progress of learning, testing new products and constant refinement – how successful will their first attempt be?

7:00pm Sunday, February 28 on Prime


Tonight, Lynda teaches the Coles the best tactics for dealing with problem weeds and reveals easy solutions to send them packing – and stop them coming back. One of the best organic ways to deal with weeds is to keep a thick layer of mulch on your soil and plant so densely that weeds aren’t able to squeeze through. The family also learn how to feed their garden for free with organic tonics made from seaweed, comfrey and horse manure.

7:00pm Sunday, February 21 on Prime


“To spray or not to spray” is tonight’s big question! Lynda reveals the top five summer pests and diseases such as aphids, who love the tender tips of young plants. Over time, these pests can cause distorted and stunted growth so it’s a good idea to get rid of them as soon as possible to avoid further spreading.

Lynda shows how to make homemade eco-friendly remedies from simple pantry ingredients. Create a spray from adding a squirt of dishwashing liquid to lukewarm water and use it to gently wash the leaves to remove aphids – use cotton wool or tissue to brush them off if they’re stubbornly clinging on.

7:00pm Sunday, February 14 on Prime


This week, NZ Gardener magazine Editor Lynda Hallinan shows you how to protect your plants from outdoor invaders and explains how easy it is to preserve excess produce. Bugs and pests love your crops as much as you do, so Lynda shows what to plant to reduce the need for sprays and encourage beneficial bugs. And don’t despair when faced with a produce glut, start pickling and preserving for winter, creating tasty treats you can enjoy throughout the year.

7:00pm Sunday, February 7 on Prime


The Coles family are five weeks into their self-sufficiency push and Lynda Hallinan is on-hand to help them navigate those gardening pot-holes.

This week, Lynda looks into irrigation systems and shows how regular watering is the key to a healthy crop. It’s also time to reap the benefits of earlier sowing and enjoy fresh produce from the garden.

7:00pm Sunday, January 31 on Prime


The Coles family are four weeks into their self-sufficiency push and Lynda Hallinan is on-hand to help them navigate those gardening pot-holes.

This week, we discover how compost is the lifeblood of your garden and Lynda shows the Coles how to make the ultimate compost heap using kitchen scraps, garden waste, newspapers, even the contents of your vacuum cleaner!