Getting On

UKTV – Thursdays from 6 December, 8.30pm

The BAFTA-award winning Getting On returns for more dark humour among the bedpans; set in the backwaters of the National Health Service this third series sees King Edwards closed and Den, Kim and Dr Moore transferred 12 miles to a newer ward. Cuts, re-structuring and life events once again dominate the daily grind. Devised and written by its three principal cast, the real challenge lies in just getting on with life in a world where few things work smoothly and messy choices are the order of the day. Over six shifts we watch as the staff cope with mounting bureaucracy and shine a light on the everyday. Written by and Starring: Jo Brand, Joanna Scanlan, Vicki Pepperdine

UKTV – Fridays from 16 December, 9pm

Dark, funny, tough and compassionate, this is the story of one ward, in one hospital, in one overlooked corner of the modern health service. Although status isn’t high, moral questions come from all corners. It’s a long way from ER, and a lot closer to most people’s experiences… for healthcare for the elderly is the ward that dare not speak its name. This series sees the legacy of Kim’s threatened suspension lingering, new patients bring new problems, Den and Hilary’s relationship is no clearer than before and Pippa’s career is under the microscope.