Ghost Hunt

TVNZ told me today that the TV2 show ‘Ghost Hunt’ is returning and will be on air before the end of the year. No dates can be given, but if you are keen on the show keep an eye on the TV Guide.

Do you believe in ghosts? Three brave Kiwis are about to find out if they are cynics or believers in the new local series, Ghost Hunt. Michael Hallows, Brad Hills and former What Now presenter Carolyn Taylor will put their fears aside while exploring New Zealand’s haunted sites.

Each week, the Ghost Hunt team will use a combination of technological gadgets and old fashioned bravado in their pursuit of paranormal activity. They will explore a number of spooky locations, including an abandoned psychiatric hospital, the Waitomo Caves hotel, Riccarton House in Christchurch, Vulcan Hotel in St Bathans, St James Theatre in Wellington and Kinder House in Parnell.

It’s a frightening tour and no-one knows this better than host Carolyn Taylor. Since filming began on Ghost Hunt, Taylor has started sleeping with her light on. “I didn’t want to go into each and every location,” Taylor laughs. “I was so scared every shoot, it’s a feeling you just can’t get used to!”

It’s a far cry from Taylor’s former job as host of the TV2 kids show, What Now. “You can’t even compare the two, they are entire worlds apart,” she says. “What Now is the most fun I have ever had, hunting ghosts was the most challenging; to face your fear every time you are working can be difficult!”

The 24-year-old found certain sites scarier than others. During filming in Dunedin, Taylor was forced into a deserted Larnach Castle in the middle of the night, just as fog was enveloping the property. “It did my head in a bit,” she says. “It was an old place with such a morbid history.”

Taylor had many eerie experiences during the filming of Ghost Hunt. “I am prone to seeing strange coloured lights that no-one else can see,” she says. “In a few episodes, the video footage showed lights flashing across my face, but I know for a fact I was in a pitch black room. It goes to show I’m not making things up!”

Luckily Taylor had two able-bodied co-hosts to help her come to terms with her scary surroundings. “Brad and Michael are great guys,” she says. “When you are going into allegedly haunted places and only two other people in the world know how scary it is, you’re bound to form a common bond.”

Having wrapped filming on the series, Taylor has one message for the cynics in New Zealand: “Everyone is allowed their opinion, but whether or not you believe, you certainly can’t say that the unknown doesn’t exist!”

Sadly, Ghost Hunt is over.
But you can buy the book at The Warehouse.