Gillian Mckeith’s New Year Detox

I saw a very good program on TV this moaning Gillian Mckeith’s New Year Detox on Prime, it covered



eating chololates

eating sausages

eating white bread

eating too much salt

havering sugar

drinking fizzy drinks

(and a couple more others)

Very interesting they said “your poo should not smell” I wish someone would make a big poster and post it in around a few toilets. they said if your poo smells you are eating wrong food.

They also said you DO NOT need sugar (like in your tea / coffee) they say you should get enough sugar out of the fruit you eat, My mother is a diabetic when see first got it, there seemed to be no fruit I could take to her because it would blow her sugar test off the scales, I have never had sugar in my tea but when I as a young boy someone gave me coffee it tasted like crap so they added sugar, after a few years relations told me my teeth would fall out because of the sugar I used, so I slowly cut back week by week until after 6 weeks – two months I no longer take sugar in my coffee, at the beginning of the week it taste a bit foul but towards the end of the week it taste better, it bugs me when I go to a friends house they ask if I would like a cup of tea or coffee and they forget when I say no and they put sugar in the cup CAN’T anybody else get their crap together!!


Great work Prime we need more repeats of this program at differant time of the day,  so more poeple could see it .