Gilmore Girls

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Get acquainted with the anything but sleepy town of Stars Hollow as Vibe takes you right back to the beginning of this much loved series. Over 7 seasons, fall in love with the mother-daughter combo of headstrong Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham, Parenthood) and her equally wilful teenage daughter, Rory (Alexis Bledel, Sin City) as well as the quirky town inhabitants who include Lorelei’s best friend Sookie (Melissa McCarthy, Mike & Molly).

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Welcome to Stars Hollow, a charming, small and slightly off-centre town known for green lawns, clapboard houses – and enough quirky characters to fill every hayride, parade and picnic for miles.

It’s here that we meet headstrong 32-year-old Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham, Bad Santa), who carves out a comfortable, warm, caffeine-filled life for herself and her equally willful teenage daughter, Rory (Alexis Bledel, Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants). But when Rory’s attention turns from dreams of private school and Harvard to thoughts of boys and adolescent self-reliance, single mum Lorelai begins noticing more of her own rebellious youth – only 16 years ago – in Rory.

Edward Herrmann will appear on Grey’s Anatomy in a series of episodes as a surgeon!

Gilmore Girls Sunday July 15, 5.30pm

Rory says goodbye to Stars Hollow in the last ever episode of TV2’s beloved drama, Gilmore Girls.

In the series finale of Gilmore Girls, Rory (Alexis Bledel) lands her dream job as a political reporter and has to leave in three days to follow Barack Obama on the campaign trail. Her imminent departure catches everyone by surprise, but Luke (Scott Patterson) enlists the help of everyone in Stars Hollow to throw her a last-minute graduation party. Even her grandparents, Emily (Kelly Bishop) and Richard (Edward Herrmann), attend the impromptu bash, where Rory makes a speech thanking Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and the whole town for giving her such a great start in life. Luke’s thoughtfulness brings out an unexpected reaction from Lorelai and on the morning that Rory leaves Stars Hollow to start her career, he opens the diner before dawn to share a celebratory breakfast with the Gilmore girls.
Alexis Bledel admits that she will miss playing the charmingly wordy Rory. “I was certainly lucky to play a teenage character that was so academic and intelligent and different from a lot of other characters on television, as far as teenagers go, but I’ll be happy to play adults. If I don’t get to play characters as unique as she is, then I’d miss that.”

However, she won’t miss learning all of dialogue. “I would get so exhausted,” she says of spitting out Rory’s fast-paced lines. “It burns you out.” But memorising those exchanges kept her on the ball. “It’s amazing what your brain can do if you practice. I still race through dialogue, even at auditions. I have to slow down and talk like normal people.”

Lauren Graham says that she has many fond memories from the seven seasons of Gilmore Girls. “Alexis and I fell over laughing many, many times — partially out of exhaustion,” she chuckles. “We really bonded in a very unique way. And I’ll miss the feeling of [being around] a crew, all of whom I know and feel really at home with and really supported by.” The series finale of Gilmore Girls screens on Sunday July 15 at 5.30pm on TV2.

The CW confirmed today “Gilmore Girls” will not be returning for an eighth season.

“Announcing the final season of ‘Gilmore Girls’ is truly a sad moment for everyone at The CW and Warner Bros. Television. This series helped define a network and created a fantastic, storybook world featuring some of television’s most memorable, lovable characters,” the network said in a joint statement with the studio.

“We thank Amy Sherman-Palladino, Dan Palladino, Dave Rosenthal, the amazing cast led by Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel as well as the producers, writers and crew for giving us this delightful gem for the past seven years. We would also like to thank the critics and ‘Gilmore’ fans for their passionate support and promise to give this series the send off it deserves.”

The final episode will air May 15 2007 in the US.

Sunday, February 18, 5.30pm

Returning to TV2 today for its seventh season, Gilmore Girls is the story of mother and daughter – Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel).

Lorelai’s elation over her engagement to diner owner Luke Danes (Scott Patterson) recently turned to frustration when Luke discovered he has a 12-year-old daughter. Unable to wait for Luke to come to terms with this life-changing discovery, Lorelai left him. Rory also faced a tumultuous year, dropping out of Yale after her dreams of becoming a journalist were dashed by a newspaper mogul (who’s also the father of her boyfriend, Logan).

Rory’s reckless behaviour led to an unusual and painful parting of the ways between mother and daughter, with Rory moving in with Lorelai’s old-money parents, Emily (Kelly Bishop) and Richard (Edward Herrmann). Rory realised she belongs back at Yale, and she and Lorelai have since joyfully reunited. Now Rory begins her senior year and continues as the Yale Daily News editor without the supportive presence of Logan, who has been forced by his father to move to London and take his place in the family’s newspaper empire.

Continuing to add to the unmistakable style of Stars Hollow is a colourful roster of town characters, including Lorelai’s friend and business partner, Sookie St. James (Melissa McCarthy); Miss Patty (Liz Torres), the local dance teacher and social commentator; Michel Gerard (Yanic Truesdale), the haughty concierge of the Dragonfly Inn; and Kirk (Sean Gunn), the town’s jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Rory’s two best friends are her intense classmate Paris Geller (Liza Weil) and childhood pal Lane Kim (Keiko Agena).

In the seventh season premiere, set on the day after the finale of the sixth season, Lorelai wakes up in bed with Christopher (David Sutcliffe). Confused and mortified, she makes a hasty exit, ignoring Christopher’s pleas that she stay. Once at home, Lorelai tries to get rid of everything that reminds her of Luke and ends up practically emptying her house. Rory receives a toy rocket ship as a parting gift from Logan and is baffled as to its meaning. She decides she should join him in London for the summer, only to learn he has bought her a ticket for a visit at Christmas. Kirk and Taylor Doose (Michael Winters) cause a bizarre accident that damages Luke’s diner. Finally, Luke shows up at Lorelai’s door and asks her to elope with him.

Gilmore Girls screens at 5.30pm, Sundays, on TV2.

Does anyone know when TV2 is screening the new season of Gilmore Girls? (season 7).

Season 6 finished about september 06 so it is about time it started up again.

Melissa McCarthy, who plays the chef Sookie on Gilmore Girls, is expecting her first child with Ben Falcone, her husband. The two were married in 2005 and the baby is due in May.

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The Girlmore Girls is rumoured to be getting cancelled with this season being the last season of the show.

Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) has admitted she doesn’t know about the future of the show. While producers would like another season, no places have yet been put in place, which has made the actors rather twitchy and not so convinced they even want to do another season. Lauren also says that even Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) has mixed feelings about another season. She also thinks Rory graduating from college and coming back to town is a nice ending point.

Gilmore Girls star Alexis Bledel (Rory) has broken up with Milo Ventimiglia (Jess – Luke Danes’ nephew). Milo is now working on the hit TV show Heroes, while Alexis continues on Gilmore Girls.

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